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Originally Posted by Frédéric View Post
The frame number is also on the back, it is clearly visible as on the front.
The mico brake locking system.
Traces of cuts on the chassis that I have not identified.

I hope this is not going too off topic!

I became convinced that my truck started life as an M724:

It had the Mico Brake system, which I removed and made same as the M715.

The title lists it as 1969. But it did not have a governor.

It did have electronic turn signals, which a 1969 truck would have.

The serial number (10467) is odd for an M715.

It did NOT have a data plate on the dash.

There was no serial number on the right front frame horn.

However, there is a metal bracket welded on the frame over where the
rear serial number may be stamped. I appreciate your pictures, it makes
even more sense. Soon (after COVID 19 is over) I will grind the weld off
of that bracket and see if my serial number matches the title. If not,
I will just stamp the number on the frame. Doubtful this truck is not
kosher. It used to belong to the South Carolina Farm Bureau.

Thanks for the pictures. It helps me too. And... I appreciate yet another
Kaiser Jeep M724 is not on the scrap heap.
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