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Thread: M724 across the Atlantic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast View Post
    That MASSTER Camo is going to look great and so unique. You'll probably be the only one with that type if you ever take it to a military vehicle show.
    Cool !

    Screw by screw, bolt by bolt.
    The second layer of paint is applied, there remains the finishing layer after complete reassembly.

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    You can see the incomplete seats and I no longer have the solution for them.
    I want to build the frames but more plan or model measures.
    Two months ago, I found a TM with technical drawings on the driver's seats of the M715 but also of the MUTT, the M37 and the M35 in the same manual.
    Well, lost!
    Unable to find it, I tried everything.
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    I found the sticker on the driver's door interior panel.

    The tightening of the spark plugs and the exhaust manifold are identical

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    OME Jeep ZJ rear shock absorber.
    I mount it in front of the M715.
    the starter rebuilt, I started the engine this evening.

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    I still haven't found an original seat.
    A pair of SOVAMAG seats right now.
    I built a support for Black Out.
    Tomorrow is a first, the reconstruction of a light switch with three levers.

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    Very nice, looking great, I'm sure you will find a set of seats, there were a lot of those trucks in Germany.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m38inmaine View Post
    Very nice, looking great, I'm sure you will find a set of seats, there were a lot of those trucks in Germany.
    May God hear you.
    A great emperor and philosopher writes.

    "Do not assume, if something is difficult for you, that this thing is impossible for man. But, if something is possible and natural for man, think that it is also within your reach."
    Marc AURELE

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    The braking system is ready for testing and bleeding.
    After a few minutes, a leak occurred, thanks to a welding torch, the leak is plugged.

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