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    Garage Squad Season 7 Episode 4 was about the restoration of a M-715 first aired today 10-27-2020. It was on Motor Trend TV channel 281 on Direct TV. A grandfather had purchased a M-715 to rebuild/ restomod with his grandson but had run out of time. It also had a Cummins in it. Kind of neat to see it finished up in the 4 days they have to work on it. I missed the first half so I'm going to record the next showing to watch later. I think it also may be able to be viewed as on demand on Motor Trend TV.


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    Yep. saw that episode. Not a bad build. There are a few things they cut corners on (probably to get it done in time) like no mirrors and painting the rubber on the windshield, but overall was a nice truck when they finished. Had to laugh a couple of times when they spouted off facts about the M715, like only having a stock top speed of 45 mph and a few things like that.
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