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Thread: Are there FRONT and REAR brake shoes?

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    Just an FYI as this does not pertain to the M715. On brakes with a stationary pivot on the bottom that only rely on the pressure of the wheel cylinders pushing out against the drums and not the rotational forces that Bump is referring to. The longer brake lining goes to the front, opposite of what most of us would consider "normal". An example of this type of brakes are found on old Jeeps such as the CJ2A.

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    guess who is gonna pull his drums on his cj2a this weekend?
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    Interesting thread. I suppose that when a drum is spinning, the shoe on the direction of the spinning is going to wedge itself against the drum, so it should wear faster than the other shoe, also providing more braking power than the other shoe.

    I saw a 60's Triumph bike that had a double leading edge front rear drum! The brake shoes were mounted on TWO pivoting points, and were pushed out both from the top and bottom. State of the art braking

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