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Thread: fsjguy : Wheel Balancing

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    Default fsjguy : Wheel Balancing

    Wheel Balancing
    Post by fsjguy on Apr 17, 2006, 10:02pm

    Some of you may remember I bought some used single piece wheels a while back and had trouble getting one of them balanced. They said the wheel had about 1/2" of runout and even showed it to me on the machine.

    After reading up on wheel balancing, I decided to check the wheel while it was mounted on the truck. Sure enough, it seems just fine to my untrained eye.

    I am taking them in to another shop on Tuesday to see if they can balance it. I think the other shop mounted the tire via the hub, and did not use the stud holes to locate the wheel on the balancer. I talked with another shop and he said he will see if he can mount it up using the correct mounting holes, instead of the hub to center the wheel.

    If you've been having problems with your wheels, even your split rims, I'd look into how they are mounting the wheel to the balancer.

    And even better, this other place is 1/2 the price. They don't charge extra for the 38" tire.

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    Default brute4c :

    Re: Wheel Balancing
    Post by brute4c on Apr 18, 2006, 9:19am

    Good info....let us know how this turns out!

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    Default gonz :

    Re: Wheel Balancing
    Post by gonz on Apr 21, 2006, 5:24am

    Ethan- where at? I get all my split rim work at Big R here in Greeley- gonz

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    Re: Wheel Balancing
    Post by binfordm715 on Apr 21, 2006, 2:03pm

    Come to think of it, Les Schwab didn't balance my XLs. Hmmmm.... That can be my first "test-drive," I guess.

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    Default fsjguy :

    Re: Wheel Balancing
    Post by fsjguy on Apr 21, 2006, 3:40pm

    I have 1 piece wheels, now, Gonz. I used to have TDS, just north of downtown FT Collins, do the split rims. Ken's Muffler and Brake in Ft Collins did the balancing this time.

    I took the truck out on the road and it feels much better. Still not silk smooth, but it never will be! The guy said they were able to straighten the center hub hole so that they could mount it on the balancer via the center hole. He said the wheel was fine. The 38.5" super swamper was the real culprit! LOL! Now, if gas prices would ever come out of the sky, it would be time for some wheelin'!

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