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Old September 29th, 2007, 02:32 PM
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Default Window tracks...

My windows on both sides are difficult to roll up and down and because of the difficulty they often fall off the arm. The rear track appears to have a little fuzz left but not much and the front tracks both have the rubber gaskets that slide up in down the metal channel. I have tried adjusting the channels forward and backwards but still have the problem in both windows.

I have not seen this topic discussed before and I tried a search but couldn't find anything on it. Even sliding the window up and down by hand it kind of difficult at times it sort of sticks in the tracks. I cannot see anywhere that the tracks are pinched front of rear. Any info would be great.
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Old September 29th, 2007, 07:58 PM
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lube the track a little.
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Old September 29th, 2007, 08:29 PM
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When I rebuilt the doors I paid close attention to the window tracks and sliders.
I replaced the whiskers with some female velcro (soft stuff), bought and installed the rubber wipes that go between the window and door and then I spruced up the plastic slider pieces that fit on the leading edge of each window frame. As for the tracks they ride in I used some strips of the female velcro there too. I had to use strips because if I covered the entire inner area it was too tight to allow any movement.
I then completely cleaned the regulators, lower sliding track(window frame mounted horizontal slot) with degreaser to remove 40 years of who knows what kind of grease that had hardened inside. I then went and bought some white lithium grease in the spray can. I sprayed it on, waited till it congealed and reassembled everything that moved. I even shot some on a rag and rubbed it on the plastic slider at the front. I was especially careful of the clip/regulator arm junction to make sure there was no binding and pul-lenty of grease. You do have the circular snap over clips installed I hope.
Thennnn, after I got it sorta firmed up I adjusted the verticle door tracks to make sure the window didn't bind up when moving up and down.
Now they aren't perfect but I can roll them up and down without needing to assist them by hand.
I used to have a Porsche that the drivers window would fall off inside the door when you slammed it too hard and jeez I got tired of pulling the door panel off and on every 3rd day just to put it back on it's perch.
BTW does your door hardware include the lower window stops? Kind of a shelf looking thing that attaches to your inner door skin? I adjusted mine to keep about 1/8th" of the upper window frame protruding from the fuzzy track. I didn't want to loose it from the top inside the door.
I guess I'm just sayin a complete and thourough cleaning, tighten up all your moving hardware and revamp any rubber or felt. Get it where it'll roll up and down with some degree of consistancy and then smoke it down tight. Good luck and hope this all helps.
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