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Old January 22nd, 2007, 07:17 PM
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Default winch drive bracket mounting on M-715

G,Day all from down under just a silly question the mounting plate on the winch drive shaft would I be right in thinking that this is mounted to the alternator bracket useing the 2 bolts there or am I barking up the wrong tree ? just cant see where else it can go. Also I found the original serial numbers under the paint(3F4896) when I rubbed it back is there someplace I could go to find out about the work history of my truck ? eg: US Army transport Command or similar, I hope your new year has kicked off well best regards Kevin
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Old January 23rd, 2007, 11:17 AM
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Yep...heres a pic to confirm...

As far as that number, it tells you the serial number of the truck and breaks down as:

Starting in 1960, anything older does not apply, the hood numbers would look something like this example:

3A 0001

The 3 indicates a medium weight vehicle class. I believe this class runs from 1 1/4 ton to 5 ton. Any military vehicles, like 6X6's for example, with a load rating higher than 1 ton and up to and including 5 tons would start with this number. The A and the 0001 work together to show which number of medium weight vehicle built that this one is. A 0001 would be the first, A 9999 would be the 9999th one built. The next one, #10,000, built would be B 0001. Once 9999 were built as B's, the marking would change to C 0001 at number 19,999 and so on.

In 1968, the military changed the Registration Number system again and now included a year in the Registration Number as well. A sample of this style looks like this:


The 03 still refers to the medium weight vehicle class.
The A and the 001 work together just as described for the earlier system, though only accounting for 999 vehicles before changing to the next letter instead of the previous methods 9999 limit. The 68 is the year, 1968, and does not change for any vehicle made that year.

Due to the fact that ALL medium weight vehicles, not just the M715/M724/M725/M726's, are included in these numbers, trying to use the Serial Number stamped on an M7xx to establish the Registration Number for the truck in question, when the original is not known, becomes an impossible task. It is possible to create a period correct looking number but establishing that it is the correct one for a given truck just wont happen.

So yours is the pre 68 markings....thats all I can get from the numbers unfortunately....sorry...
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