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Old May 25th, 2004, 01:55 PM
Nuke_spicergear Nuke_spicergear is offline
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I called yesterday to tell Daniel that the further pushed back date of the rear stands wasn't going to work and I'd need that part cancelled and a refund. I call and one of the shop guys answers the phone. He kinda sounded gruff and not real comfortable on the phone, but told me Daniel wasn't there and offered to take a message for me. Nice guy...really. He puts the phone down to get a pen and I hear someone in the backgound start chastizing him about answering the phone. I can hear the shop guy tell him that he's taking a message for Daniel. This other guy tells him to hang the phone up 'cause they're closed. Shop guy refuses to hang up on me and the other guy grabs the phone, "What do you want," in a real F-U kind of tone. "I wanted to leave a message for Daniel to cancel my or.." he cuts me off with, "WE'RE CLOSED," and hangs up on me. YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT ANGRY?...WHOAH-NELLY!!! I wasn't too far from the apt so I shot back here and started an anger laced email to Daniel about THIS clown...just....just......anyway, about that time my phone rings and it's Daniel. I answer:
Me: Daniel...we got a problem.
Him: Yeah, uh, we're normally closed one guy just called me and said you called and hung up on him he told you that.
Me: Let me tell you something...(so I tell him about his shop guy actually being a good guy and making the effort to take a message and the other guy taking the phone and doing his thing)...HE hung up on ME while I was telling HIM the message.
Him: WHAT?!
Me: YEAH, he told the other guy to hang up on me. You tell that fuhker I said he can go pound sand up his ass! the hell am I to know you're closed Mondays?!
Him: That is unacceptable...I'll tell him to pound pavement!
After that dissapated I told him about the parts I don't need and a bunch of right hand deuce wheel studs and nuts for what was owed me. He had me and email with the FedEx track number withing 20 minutes. Oh, and along with that email was another one that said that he just fired that guy.

It's's finally over. Now, instead of the 4 months I had I'm down to 2 weeks. .

I hope my martyrdom hasn't gone unnoticed and won't be overlooked with thoughts of, "eh, that won't happen to me," I thought.
Big Blocks RULE!
Old May 25th, 2004, 01:59 PM
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Nope Tom, you learned for me. If in need, I'll look elsewhere.

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Old May 25th, 2004, 02:04 PM
hewl35 hewl35 is offline
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But then again you are still waiting for more parts from that clown. Let's see if it doesn't turn into more vaporware.
Old May 25th, 2004, 03:26 PM
Nuke_spicergear Nuke_spicergear is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 272
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FedEx Track # puts his parts here Thursday
High Angle Drive's NP205 1410 yokes on the way from CA, as we speak.

Velvet needs:
5/8" round stock made into eight U-Bolts to hold the axles in.
Wheel studs put into hubs then hub rotor assy slapped on the front spindles.
6 more studs put in the rear hubs.
D60 pulled out.
Plate perches made for spring over.
Rockwell front axle installed.
Steering arm for top of knuckle...built.
*steering assist if time allows...which isn't looking good.*
front brakes hard lines.
rear brake hard lines.
The rubber lines from frame to axle.
Axle breathers.
Profuse bleeding...hopefully JUST of brakes.
Driveshafts retubed.
E-Brake relocated from yoke change.

Then...I gotta hope that the truck sits about level with the shackle reversal in the rear and the spring over in the front.
Big Blocks RULE!

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