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Thread: Wheel Cylinder Conversion

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    The only difference is which side of the wheel cylinder the brake line screws into - just match the cylinder you're pulling off.

    The left front is the same as the right rear, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by vacca rabite View Post
    Okay, so I get the right stuff....

    I want 2 each of the W37262 and W37263 parts, right?

    Which goes on the front, and which goes on the back?

    If I want to drive my truck on my B-day, I need to get my butt in gear and get my brakes done.

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    The front and rear wheel cylinders on the same side of the truck are identical. Left and right are different.

    The numbers you have are is for left and one is for right.

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    Good write up Joe, even I could understand it.Should have left those dirt dobber nests in there though, gives you more weight on the front axle for mud bogging and such

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    I goofed. I didn't have any good bits for my die grinder, and didn't want to look for the round file. I used a plasma cutter, made the hole too big. Now I have to use an extra washer to mount it. Also, to get the brake lines on, I need to take the backing plate off, to give more room. then when I put it back on, it would bend in place naturally. Not much room for a wrench when bleeding the brakes.
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    Shouldn't you weld up the too-large hole and re-drill? Seems that brake cylinder might want to be secured better than a washer sandwich would provide, eh?

    Not much room for that wrench at all, no.... Makes me want to force the engineers who design things to have to wrench on them for a year, in field conditions, as part of their job.
    -- Tim Taylor

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    Maybe? I think it is OK. The other bolt has a perfect hole. I am not sure how much strain is put on the bolts.IF I have problems, I know why, and I know what to do. I just wanted to put it back together quick before dark, because it is my driver. It has been my only vehicle for a year and a half. I forgot how many miles, its over 12,000. I rarely have problems. When I do, it is because I delayed replacing parts. My income is half of what I am used to in previous years.
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    Default worked great

    Did this conversion today and it worked great! My buddies new to him M715 right front brake was locked up. We used a impact type screw remover tool to get out the screws. When we got the drum off we found the wheel cylinder all gunked up with brown crystallized snodge but the rest of the brakes were fine. I knew we would never find a cylinder locally and remembered this thread. Went to Napa, grabbed two cylinders and had it in in no time. I used my die grinder to open up the bolt holes in the backing plate. That cylinder is not going anywhere! No we just have to do three more!

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    Question: In the last picture of the series, it shows new shiney rods that go from the cylinder to the brake. The guy at NAPA had no idea what thery are. Does anyone have a part number or did you clean and use the rods from the old cylinders? Thank you!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyken View Post
    Question: In the last picture of the series, it shows new shiney rods that go from the cylinder to the brake. The guy at NAPA had no idea what thery are. Does anyone have a part number or did you clean and use the rods from the old cylinders? Thank you!!
    I used the old ones. The new cylinders don't come with them. You probably want to clean them up real well if they are corroded or pitted.
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    doing this right now.... heh to bad im breaking brake lines left and right .....schizer!!!!

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