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Thread: Wheel Cylinder Conversion

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    Quick thanks for the Chevy WC part numbers.

    I just did a complete replacement of the stock brake system on my blue '67. Corvette MC, lines, and new wheel cylinders, without any drilling.
    My lines were in good shape, but they were full of crud and rust never sleeps, so I replaced all with Cupro-Nickel anyway. Every point fluid touches is brand new.

    I used the Chevy WC's, but could only find 7 right side units (I have 2 trucks), so went with that on both sides and just compensated in line routing on the left side.

    The pedal is nice and firm, and stops the wheels on jack stands pretty well. Road test this weekend...

    Here's my "after-action" summary and material list:

    $172 total

    Multiple fittings for 3/16 And 1/4 line:

    25' rolls of 3/16 And 1/4 cupro line with various fittings:

    Double flaring kit:

    Rear axle 3/16 fitting hose:
    ACDelco 18J2119

    Wheel cylinders (1/4 thread inputs)
    $19.04 ($4.76 ea)
    part no. WC9344/EW9345 (all passenger side, but works on either)

    Master Cylinder (corvette, non-power brakes):
    $31.93 ($25 on 11/17/17)
    Cardone Select 13-1371 New Brake Master Cylinder

    (2) Front axle 3/16 fitting female ended hoses (usable, but too short for factory location; requires some bracket fab and steel line extending)
    $12.90 ($5.95 ea + ship)
    Sunsong - 2203913 - $5.95 ea (new stock)
    Raybestos - BH36599 - $4.46 ea (NOS) - not used in this project
    Dorman - H36599 - $7.65 ea (NOS) - not used in this project

    An important note is the hoses for the front wheels. The ones I used are about 6" too short compared to factory, so require rerouting the steel line and bringing it further from the wheel and lower on the chassis. I was running new metal lines anyway, so no big deal.
    Nowhere to host pics, but I stupidly ran the wheel end metal line over the kingpin, so if I ever remove it, I'll have to remove the line and bleed the brakes. Didn't think of it until the job was done and something in my head said it wasn't right.

    Also, these are probably not good stock replacement parts, but rather for an entire system rebuild. The wheel cylinders required 7/16-24 fittings, and I ran 3/16 to individual wheels. Every other fitting in the truck is standard to the line size, EXCEPT at the master cylinder, where I again needed 1/2-20 fittings to adapt down to 1/4" line (for the single line to the rear) and 9/16-18 to 3/16" to the front wheels.

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    GREAT post!!!!!!!!!! Part numbers, descriptions, prices....its got it all. SO SUPER!

    Thanks for this...great stuff!
    Lord send your Holy Ghost into our hearts and make the desire of our hearts Your Will.

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    What did you use for shoes? whats the napa #

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    I know this is an old thread but looking for some help I bought these wheel cylinders and I’m finding that they are longer rubber to rubber was this the same with yours? And does anyone know if the E350 ones are the same?
    Thanks for the help

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    The e350 are identical except for the position of the mounting holes thus the necessity of opening the bottom of the stock mounting holes on the backing plate. Otherwise, they are the same.
    Lord send your Holy Ghost into our hearts and make the desire of our hearts Your Will.

    Pro-choice, that's a LIE, babies don't choose to die!!

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    Thanks I returned the others and picked up the e350 ones today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brute4c View Post
    The e350 are identical except for the position of the mounting holes thus the necessity of opening the bottom of the stock mounting holes on the backing plate. Otherwise, they are the same.
    Worked great thanks guys. Working on getting a J20 booster and master installed.

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    Found this nice "little" interchange list for the direct fit FD9346 casting (1.25" bore):

    Brand		Sku		Type				Name
    BENDIX		33073		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	BENDIX33073Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    BENDIX		33074		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	BENDIX33074Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    Casting		302857		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	Casting302857Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    Casting		5461542		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	Casting5461542Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    Casting		617432		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	Casting617432Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    Casting		617438		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	Casting617438Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    Casting		FD9346		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CastingFD9346Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    CERTIFIED	W9344		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CERTIFIEDW9344Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    CERTIFIED	W9345		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CERTIFIEDW9345Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    ACDelco		172-338		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	ACDelco172-338Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    ACDelco		172-339		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	ACDelco172-339Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    ACDelco		172-726		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	ACDelco172-726Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    ACDelco		172-727		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	ACDelco172-727Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    MITSUBOSHI	J0920334	Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	MITSUBOSHIJ0920334Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    MITSUBOSHI	J0920335	Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	MITSUBOSHIJ0920335Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    AIMCO		W906049		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	AIMCOW906049Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    AIMCO		W906050		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	AIMCOW906050Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    WAGNER		F9344		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	WAGNERF9344Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    WAGNER		F9345		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	WAGNERF9345Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    WAGNER		WC9344		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	WAGNERWC9344Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    WAGNER		WC9345		Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	WAGNERWC9345Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    RAYBESTOS	WC-9344		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	RAYBESTOSWC-9344Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    RAYBESTOS	WC-9345		Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	RAYBESTOSWC-9345Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    AUTOSPECIALTY	W-84007		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	AUTOSPECIALTYW-84007Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    AUTOSPECIALTY	W-84008		Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	AUTOSPECIALTYW-84008Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    CARQUEST	EW9344		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CARQUESTEW9344Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    CARQUEST	EW9345		Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	CARQUESTEW9345Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    CENTRIC		134.64007	Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CENTRIC134.64007Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    CENTRIC		134.64008	Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	CENTRIC134.64008Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    DORMAN		W9344		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	DORMANW9344Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    DORMAN		W9345		Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	DORMANW9345Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    NAPA		9345		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	NAPA9345Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    CHRYSLER	1664582		Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	CHRYSLER1664582Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    CHRYSLER	1664583		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CHRYSLER1664583Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    CHRYSLER	1669964		Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	CHRYSLER1669964Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    CHRYSLER	1669965		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CHRYSLER1669965Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    CHRYSLER	920334		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CHRYSLER920334Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    CHRYSLER	J0920334	Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CHRYSLERJ0920334Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    CHRYSLER	J0920335	Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	CHRYSLERJ0920335Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    FORD		TCAA-2261-A	Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	FORDTCAA-2261-ARear Right Wheel Cylinder
    FORD		TCAA-2262-A	Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	FORDTCAA-2262-ADrum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    GM		2622919		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	GM2622919Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    GM		2622920		Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	GM2622920Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    GM		3767121		Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	GM3767121Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    GM		37671212	Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder	GM37671212Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
    GM		3767122		Rear Right Wheel Cylinder	GM3767122Rear Right Wheel Cylinder
    Note: Left/Right castings are essentially the same. The difference between left & right is where the port for the brake line is drilled.
    In a crunch (i.e. stranded, middle-of-nowhere) if you had a spare, you could swap one for the other if you just massage the brake line 1 inch further over.

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    Default Hub screws

    The easiest way to loosen the hub screws is to use a flat punch and strike the screw face a few times avoiding the screw slot. Mine came out without any effort. I did douse them with Kroil Oil first!!! Great thread!

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