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Thread: Clutch or Engine Mount Problem?

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    Default Clutch or Engine Mount Problem?

    While the truck is at the media blaster, I have some time to go over my problem list. Top of the list is a problem I noticed with my truck from day 1. It is what I will call "chatter". When pulling out or backing up, more noticeable up hill as more load is induced, the truck will chatter meaning the gear shift lever will rock side to side and the truck movement forward or reverse is erratic and jerky. I assume the engine is also rocking. Don't know how else to describe this. Don't always have it if on a level surface and load is light. Engine mounts bad? Clutch grabbing? Something else?

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    That sounds very much like a broken motor mount or transmission mount, . .check those first. . could also, although not as likely, transmission to bell housing bolts loose, ..good luck . ..

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    If the shifter is moving side to side, then I would think motor mounts as well. Don't forget the clutch linkage is mechanical and a rocking engine will cause it to not be smooth. It could also be a busted body mount. Meaning your cab is rocking and not the drivetrain. This happened to Chris at the 2006 FE. He had no clutch until his cab was pulled back down to his frame.

    Also, the motor mounts are just a rubber block with a stud going down through the mount. Crawl under the engine and make sure the nuts on the studs are tight. It could be that simple.
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