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Thread: Gas Tank Repair

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    Default Gas Tank Repair

    I took my old gas tank to the repair shop to get cleaned out today. It had been sitting around for a long time, and I'm sure there was rust in it somewhere. The problem is that the guy at the repair shop told me that there was a baffle running fore to aft on the tank and that he might not be able to get behind the baffle to clean the tank. Has anyone had this problem?

    Oh, and does anyone sell a new sending unit for stock gas tanks?

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    I recently had to clean out and coat my tank since there was about 2 inches of sludge(very old gas and rust) in my tank. I just cleaned mine out with lots of water and was able to get a majority of rust out. I then rigged a piece of heater hose to my shop vac to be able to get as many more particles of rust out after the tank had some time to try. With just a few rattling rust particles left, I poured to two pints of POR-15 Standard Tank Sealer and covered the holes and flipped the tank ever which way. I put the tank in about a week ago and haven't been able to run the truck much but the fuel is perfect that's coming out. I'm am running two in line filters just in case and you will be in better shape if you have a radiator shop cleaning it out. The only other advice is to get an extra pint of tank sealer to make sure that you get plenty of coverage as there wasn't much left to drain out after I had flipped mine.

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    I have seen the could be tough to get behind it...there is a process some places have that boils the tank, thus getting everywhere, then coats it...its a process called Renu.

    Sending unit...for the stock 24 volt gauge, I know Star Electric had some that worked...dont know if they do anymore, its been a couple years...they fit a couple applications though if I remember right...heres the contact info:
    Star Electric Ordnance
    Kevin Emdee, President
    368 Big Oak Trail
    Radcliff, KY 40160-9749
    Phone: 270-877-0813

    Hope that helps

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    I cut a section of the top off, scraped out the crap, sandblasted inside & out, replaced top peace with new metal mig,welded in place, coated inside of tank with gas tank sealer, done,

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    The shop that did mine just hosed it out since it wasn't that full of gunk. The same shop cut holes in each end of Agengr's truck, cleaned the major junk out and then soldered the holes back up.

    The sender is the same electrically as all the other military vehicles. So, look on e-bay for a M35 sender, they normally go in the $10-$20 range if you want to gamble on the top holes lining up perfectly. The arm will probably have to be bent to get full sweep though.

    Saturn and Frontline both have new M35 senders as well. I just don't know the price off the top of my head.
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    ABLinn has the senders as well.

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    Default New Sending Unit

    Got mine from Harbaugh. (301) 241-3980. It is a military unit that is adjustable for tank depth. Neat.

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    I think the ones that are depth adjustable work fine in the M715 and actually are the one used in the M724, along with other M trucks. I was told that some M724's came with a larger 35 gallon tank and it used the adjustable sending unit...

    I do believe that Kevin from Star Electric mentioned the M35 one as a fit and work unit for the M715.

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    OK, just got the tank back from the shop. He cut a hole in the top of the tank, cleaned out both sides of the baffle, and re-welded the hole. All this for $65, haha! Soooooo... would you guys use the POR-15 tank sealer afterward, or just use an inline filter and give it a whirl? The guy at the tank shop said it should be fine just using a filter, but I'm sick of messing with fuel contamination issues.
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    I would line it just to be on the safeside. Mine is pretty clean but after doing all the work I'm doing, I plan to line it and call it done for forty more years.

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