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Thread: Weld on beadlocks.

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    Default Weld on beadlocks.

    I was wondering the other day staring at my spare wheel and tire.

    Can you remove the split ring and do a "weld on" bead lock on these?

    Im trying to figure out if there is a safer and easier way to brake down these tires. I HAVE done a 15'' wagon wheel with the weld on beadlocks but thats a normal wheel with the lip to weld against. Would these be the same? ANyone have pics of it broke down?

    Or am I wasting my time?

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    This has come up several time...heres one answer:

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug View Post
    Not going to say that it can't be done, but not quite as easy as just welding on a beadlock.

    The rim is still a tube style rim. Doesn't hold air. So you would still have to run a tube. No biggie.

    Second hurdle would be that the can isn't recessed in the center. By and adding a fixed ring to it you're making it very difficult to get a tire on. The recess in the center of a normal rim helps you elongate/oval the tire to get it over the bead. Obviously, I've no first hand experience with your described set up, but I can see it being a real pain in the azz to get a tire on if not completely impossible without damage to the tire.

    With all that done, you're going to have some questionable edges in there for the tube to rub against. May or may not be a big problem.

    Heres the thread:

    Im pretty sure there are 2 or 3 other threads with the same type info.

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    oh sorry shoulda searched..

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