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Thread: military colors ???

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    I was thinking of using red oxide as the color for the truck. Do you have any picks of your truck in the primer color before you painted with 24087?

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    Here's mine, wearing red oxide rattle-can primer. That should give you an idea at least.

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    If you look at the 4 cammo color their were about 12 different color that could be combined for different climants. Germany and North Eastern US were forest green, earth brown, sand, and black. But some places used a red earth color that is similar to red primer. I think it was called earth read and is 30117 that might be a posiblity if you want to keep your truck "looking military"
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    I found a Krylon camo color today that is pretty close (at least to my eyes) to the USMC OD. I will get the number, (9462 I think) but it is simply called "Olive" and its the camoflauge line that Krylon sells. It sprays really nice and covers quick too. Picked it up at a local Advance Auto.

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    Do y’all think this truck is that USMC 34052 color?? Is that the one that looks almost black in the shade?

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    Yes, that looks like the USMC paint I have on my truck. Just be warned that no to paint cups of the stuff look the same or have the same gloss. No matter how OCD you are about mixing it up.
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    That makes sense. These things look wildly different in different lighting, I’m never really sure what I’m looking at with all the various colors used over the years. I like the color that looks almost black in the shade

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    Quote Originally Posted by brute4c View Post
    I have seen pics of a white was in Arizona and I dont know the history...might have been to keep the heat absorption down...

    Never heard of an arctic white used on the M715 but there is a cammo pattern in white that could be used...I kinda like it for this climate.
    I know this thread is WAY old, but when I cleaned my M715 in prep for new paint, this is what was underneath when I blew the green off...

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    Binford was right about mine too. It was bought from Jacks Gov't surplus and was white. It was serving the Smithsonian institute by running fuel for the generators up at the Mt Hopkins observatory outside of Tucson. The snowball nickname was from a story I was told about the truck going down the backside of the mountain to rescue a stranded 4x4 in the snow. It did not skip a beat in the rescue. That was a 68 and the serial number was 30945. Jack and his son Josh painted it the correct 24087 when I bought it. Sorry I am a little late responding to this thread from 2007. I fell asleep... lol
    My new truck is also a 68 and serial number 33479. It is sand tan and a military color.
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