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Thread: disc parking brake

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    Default disc parking brake

    let me start off by saying i came from the street rod side of things & pinion mounted parking brakes are common on street rods. i sourced my parts from 2 different kit makers and made my own brackets to mount same to the rear output yoke of the np205. the bigest expenses to the kits are the u-joint girdle, cables and handle, these items you don't need to buy. just get what you need and the parts required are few.

    you need a brake rotor, an adapter to mount the rotor to the yoke and a caliper. you will save about $150.00 off of the price of a complete kit. you will have to make a bracket to mount the caliper over the disc and a bell crank to change the direction of pull on the 715's brake handle from pull/push, fore and aft to pull/push right and left, and a homemade u-joint girdle. i made all of my brackets and such before i mounted the 205 in my truck. if the 205 is already installed in your truck you would likely save time by removing it to fab-up the brackets. then remove the brackets, reinstall the 205 then bolt on the brackets.

    i made the brackets and the bell-crank bracket out of 1/4 in stock, webbed and braced, it needs to be strong to hold the weight of the 715. i made my caliper bracket in two pieces, one piece mounts to the aluminum output bearing cover and the other piece mounts to the caliper then welded the two together. i mounted the caliper in about the 0100 o'clock position with the caliper centered on the disc. the bell crank bracket is mounted on the right aluminum cover on the 205.

    the piviot for the bell crank is a 7/16 bolt with two tabs welded to it at aproximately 90 degrees apart. adjustment is provided with the original pull rod clevis and a 1/4 rod with a clevis on each end that attaches the bell crank to the caliper arm. if you use spherical rod ends on the caliper-to-bell crank rod it will make alignment easier...hindsight....

    the caliper came from tsm mfg co.and still cost $80.00 with the pads and bolts. to see the caliper:
    caliper pn is 7211

    the rotor and adapter came from total performance inc. and still cost $35.00 for the rotor and $25.00 for the adapter.
    the adapter required for the stock size yoke is the chevy adapter.
    to see the rotor:
    rotor pn is bp15112
    adapter pn is bp15121

    the u-joint girdle is just longer u-bolts or jeep u-joint straps and the right length bolts and lock nuts.

    i hope the pictures tell the story better. al

    Bell Crank 1

    u-joint girdle

    rotor & adapter mounting

    caliper bracket

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    Wow! Great info. I am going to follow your footsteps. I have been looking at a 205 in my garage for a while, and the only thing stopping me it the brake.
    I read your instructions and I have a question. The adapter for $35 I could not find, and there appears to be something between the yoke and the rotor. Is that the adaptor?
    M715 W/W, M37

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    Default re: adapter location

    the adapter is located just where you think. it's the alum. 2 pc. disc bolted to the rotor and the the adapter is trapped by the u-joint girdle. (2nd pic.). i checked all of the prices before i made the post to confirm them. the adapters for different yokes are not on the web site, you will have to phone them and give them the pn i listed if you are using the stock yoke. or tell them what yoke you are using. glad to
    ps...adapter is 25.00, rotor is 35.00.

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    Great tech info! I appreciate your work putting in on the Zone.
    M715 W/W, M37

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    Great! Thanks so much. I have been looking at the TSM stuff for awhile, but didn't want to take the plunge, now I will!


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    Do M715s come stock with a parking break? Or would you have to install one?

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    Nice fab work. I got Eldorado PB calipers but ended up using TSM units with GM calipers for the 14 bolt and Dana 60. Would have liked a mechanical brake but I used line locks under the dash- front and rear. They hold the 8K rig in my driveway at 20 degrees. Just an alternative for those so 'inclined'!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halloran View Post
    Do M715s come stock with a parking break? Or would you have to install one?
    Yes, they do have a parking brake. It is attached to the NP200 transfer case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by porkchop View Post
    Yes, they do have a parking brake. It is attached to the NP200 transfer case.
    which can be adapted to fit the 205 if you still have the original parts off the 200

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    Nice. I was thinking about running line locks, but I like the idea of have the additional emergency/parking brake. Thanks for posting the build.

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