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Thread: Door to cab seals

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    Default Door to cab seals

    Okay, I agree it's time to revive this thread. You know, if a guy had a block of rubber and a dremmel, he could've whittled about a hundred pair or so already.........anybody know of ANOTHER source to get these fabbed en'masse?
    I'd pay good money for a set right about now if any were available. (I hope that wasn't this guys plan all along....)

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    orignally highland truck co had some of that orignal rubber, however before they had to sell out because the owner was needing to retire, one of their storage buildings completly burned down it supposedly had some of thier 715 inventory. This was the co. that got the ENTIRE stock of remaining parts from AMC after the govt. released them from their 715 parts contracts. Now whats left is at vintage power wagons and i understand they still havent unpacked all of those parts since they aquired the lot, so they might have some left in all that?

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