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    Default front axle locker

    I know that there is two pages in the manuals on installing lockers in the rear end. But what about the front end. I want to install a Detroit locker in the truck. But I want it in the front instead of the rear. What kind of locker do I need?

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    I forgot to ask. What spline is in the front?

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    Well, I can answer part of your question. Front axle is 30 spline.
    68 M-715
    67 M-725

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    Now to answer the other part of your question, if you want to put a Detroit up front, then put a Detroit up front. Check out, then click on "Differentials" on the menu to the left. Then go through the list and look at their applications chart. That is a pretty good list of available differentials (there are a few that aren't listed there), and it will also tell you if they make one that will fit a 30 spline D60. Does anyone see why those wouldn't work for the M-715's D60? Personally, I plan on running a modified Power Lock up front, so I haven't checked to far into front locker availability. Hope this helps.
    68 M-715
    67 M-725

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