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Thread: Bad heater Core

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    Default Bad heater Core

    Does anybody know where i can get a replacement heater core for my m715 tornado i6... I was driving down the road when the bottom of the heater core started spewing antifreeze out the bottom of it.

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    check the original one for a part number stamped on it. Jeep didn't make much new, they often adapted their civvie parts.
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    Yeah, my heater core went bad and so I went to a local radiator shop with it in hand. It took only a couple of measurments to confirm a civvy Jeep heater core is identical. It was a stocked item outta their catalog. Wasn't too spendy and had it shipped in quick. I'm trying to find my reciept to see if I can find a part number or something. But basically its not one of those things that has to be NOS military.
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    I think it was four seasons bought from Napa. 42223? Not positive as I gave it away a few years ago. For a Kaiser wagoneer. Same as Jtruck and stuff.

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