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    Hi all,

    So my truck started with a fairly nasty rub noise in the left front. Since I don't have anywhere to seriously jack it up and start ripping stuff apart with my limited knowledge it is going to the local garage. Luckily the mechanic is very good. Anyway I did get it up of the air and was able to spin the left wheel and it does have a very tight spot, it also seems tight when you try to wiggle it . The sound gets worse when you turn to the left and better when you turn to the right. Anyway I am hoping for a brake or hub issue but just have a feeling that its going to be the bearings or universal joint in the enclosed knuckle. I have found replacement parts somewhere for every possibility but one. This should be simple but I just can't find it. Does anyone have a replacement part name and number for the spider or propeller whatever you want to call it for the universal joint on the axle?


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    I had a look last night for the part number. I know spicer has charts with dimensions. I have managed to come down with a flu or cold or something. So my internet search fortitude is low. The tight spot could be a warped drum from possible heat. Noisy bearings typically announce themselves as a grainy growl when rolling the tire while elevated. I am sure you will get to the bottom of this. Please post up what happens and the fix.

    And WELCOME!!!
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