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    I am not sure where i seen it but someone had heater hoses for under the dash for sale. It was a kit. It was.a.plastic molded price I think. Does anyone know what I'm talking about
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    I do not recall seeing that. The stock heater for the M715 has the heater core under the hood. Normal 5/8 and 3/4 hoses can be cut to fit that easily.

    If you have the stock engine make sure you use the stock pipe that spaces the heater hose away from the head and not over the exhaust manifold. The hose will melt I found out one cold rainy winter night years ago if you don’t space it.

    The stock M715 specific heater core housing has a metal casing. J truck and Wagoneers did as well until I think 1966. Then they went to plastic housing with vacuum actuators compared to the M715 cable controls. However, any J truck or Wagoneer heater assembly will bolt onto the m715.

    Perhaps you are referring to the defroster duct air hoses?
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