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Thread: Electric Brake Booster and Power Steering

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    Default Electric Brake Booster and Power Steering

    I decided to give something different a try; I'm installing a Bosch iBooster and Denso electric power steering onto my truck.

    I think the hardest part with the brake booster will be hanging the brake pedal brackets and getting everything to move without binding. I'm also going to need a bar steel or aluminum spacer between the booster and firewall so I can bolt the pedal hardware on the inside. Wiring and lines should be easy work. I'll need to buy adapters to go from SAE to metric at the master cylinder.

    As far as the electric power steering goes, I just need to get everything connected, fab a mounting bracket, then wire it up. I'll be using the original manual steering, so I may need to rebuild or replace the steering gear box.

    I'll post updates to this thread as I can. I usually forget to take photos while I'm working.

    I'll be swapping out the original front and rear axle assemblies, transfer case and gas tank. I have a new kingpin Dana 60 going on the front and the rear will be getting a GM 14-bolt with a Detroit Locker and disc brakes. Engine is an aluminum block LM4 5.3L, transmission is a 2WD SM465, and the transfer case is a divorced NP205. The latter two are ready to go. I need to save up money to rebuild the engine. I'll be wiring the truck with an Infinitybox 3-cell kit. It will run on 12-volts. Lighting is LED and gauges are Speedhut.

    Not going with the military vibe as I will be putting a QTAC fire skid on the back.


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    An interesting and well thought out plan...will be waiting for updates...Good Luck!!
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    Sounds cool!!
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    The toughest part is over. All I need to do is wire and attach the brake booster to the brake pedal. I'm replacing the brake lines and drivetrain, so I am not out of the forest yet. At some point, I'll be needing to get rid of the front and rear axles, transfer case, transmission, and driveshafts. Contact me if interested.


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    All that sounds very interesting. If you get the chance to post some pictures later that would be neat to see.
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