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Thread: Wing window glass gaskets

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    I am about to get into the doors. I will be doing just exactly what you posted. A couple years ago I fully restored a 1970 wagoneer for a friend. And I completely rebuilt the division bars and all window channels including the tailgate. I sourced the channels, brass rivets everything to completely reproduce very high quality replacements. So I know the parts are there. I have not sourced them just yet. I have some part numbers I need to find. I suspect the M715 parts are just FSJ parts. Because when they built the M715 they looked at what they already had that would make a truck and not be a complete redesign. I will try to get after that soon. As always I will post up. For now if you can't wait, then remove your parts, measure the channels, measure the glass thickness, and start searching. Some times the channels will come as a new assembly. Meaning you don't just fill the channel with felt whiskers. Then you trim to length and attach any mounting flags with rivets etc. If you find good stuff, well post it up then for others to help keep their trucks alive. That is always my intent. And I will try to get after that soon. I hate rattles and noise that can be made gone.
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    Has anyone tried to source replacement door glass? Mine has weld splatter from a PO. Mine is marked PPG Herculite Solid Tempered AS2 M8.7 26 87. Reading online, this means it is 1/8" thick glasss, was made at the Ohio plant, Aug 1967. I think this is original glass. Tempered glass cannot be cut, so they have to be custom ordered.

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    I would imagine a member might have one. Maybe try a wanted add.
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    I was hoping to find a new source.

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    I just got a quote for new glass, $1k per for tempered! I'm going laminated for about $200 per. I love my truck, but can't justify $5k in glass!

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    WHOA!!!! Thats crazy crazy....

    I 2nd the laminated route...holy cow...what other real choice is there?
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