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Thread: heavier bumper pros/cons

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    Question heavier bumper pros/cons

    Every time i get a little down on my truck (68 715 Cargo/w)because of its issues. I get on the Zone and there in front of me are most of my answers . So thank you All for keeping my truck running since 1980"s. Inow have a new question. I can have a new stock bumper made of either 3/16 or 1/4 thick steel. I wanting to run a roller system ( fairlead ?) in bumper for the winch. And I dont think the stock 1/8 is stout enough. What is your all"s read on this plan. As always the ZONE "rocks".

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    I've got a HMMWV airlift bumper for mine. It's 3/16", and probably weighs #150+. I think 1/4" would be overkill.

    But then I like overkill...and I just remembered that the stock bumper is single-side 'c'-channel, not box tube. 1/4" might be the way to go, if you're going to keep it stock/open.

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    We had a unique situation at the 2006 FE. While running the trails someone got stuck on a hill side and could not go down. He had to be winched up some more. We ended up using the single stock PTO winch truck there at the base of the hill and some pulleys attached to trees to do the job. When he let the clutch out the winch truck started sliding toward the hill. We chained to to a tree. Then, the front end of the truck started to pick up as the entire truck weather vaned to get exactly in line with the cable. We ended up putting people in the bed of the truck so the rear tires would never get light.

    The same event had Gimpy flat tow his 725 without a front bumper a few hundred miles to get there. He cracked and bent the frame horns.

    So my opinion is put the biggest, heaviest and strongest bumper on there you can. I think 6 inch channel iron with wedge washers from Fastenal is the solution and is what I have on my truck.
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    Thanks for the imput on the 715 stock bumper. After seeing the damage done just by hooking on to the bumper to tow I thought it won the case for "Go Heavy". It brings up a question on the winch and how it feeds through a Warn hevy fairlead ...Can i respool so the cable feeds from bottom rather over the top.

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