Hi everyone. I posted a while ago on a '68 I picked up from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Forestry. Had an old 350 I was going to build into a 383-stroker for it. However, since then both of my daughters got engaged so I'm putting the '68 on the back burner and I'm going to put the stroker in my '74 J20 instead. Just wanted to share how I'm building it for further edification:

Block is a '71 350 out of a '72 Impala, rated at 250hp from the factory
Vortec heads off a '99 Chevy 3/4-ton
bored 0.030 over, decked 0.015
Eagle Street Performance rotating assembly (summit part # B15405E030)
Comp Cams 12-238-2 (Duration 262/270, Lift .462/.469)
Comp Cams 26-906-VCS-kit spring kit
Holley 600 cfm and intake (Holley part # VK060033)

Haven't made up my mind yet about rockers and converter, the Jeep has a TH400 and 4.10 gears so I might try using the stock converter and upgrade later if need be. Shooting for as close to 10:1 and 400 hp as I can get.

As for the '68 M715, since it's geared at like 5.89 or something crazy like that I'm wondering if a 327 would be a better choice? Something that can handle high RPMs w/o detonating? Whatever I decide, it's going to wait until after the weddings...