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Thread: Newbie Question. Front axle locked.

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    Default Newbie Question. Front axle locked.

    Not new to the hobby, but new here and new to the Kaiser. Purchased 67 M715 from auction site and truck was delivered with front axle not rolling, dragged off trailer with chain and tow vehicle. It's not where I can work on it very easily and I'm trying to figure out how to get front axle to roll. Truck does not run, fuel issue, so can't start and put in gear. Rears roll.
    Jacked up front wheel and will not budge. Was trying to release brake shoes, but it seems to be much more than stuck brakes. Feels like transfer case shift levers are all way towards front of vehicle. I may try to drag truck backwards while trying to engage and disengage 4 wheel drive.
    If I disconnect front drive shaft, will that take the transfer case out of the equation? Is there some thing I can do to ID the non rolling front axle situation?
    I'll hang up and listen.

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    Jacking up the front axle and trying to move the tires should show one of two things. If it is not the brakes you should be able to move the tire a very slight amount back and forth which would be the back lash in the splines and gear set. it will be very minimal movement. If the tires are stuck solid than I would suspect frozen brakes. The other thing could be a broken gear set but typically you can unwedge a broken piece of tooth by reversing the direction. Sometimes it will wedge so tight it can break the cast differential section. Grabbing the pinion yoke should allow a tiny bit of movement. I don't know the spec but typically about 10-12 thousandths which you can feel. That is the back lash in the ring and pinion. If the tires, shafts and differential the ring gear is bolted to are stuck, you will still feel that back lash in the yoke.
    Is the axle corroded? Been in salt? If you think it is the brakes being stuck, you could try backing off the adjuster through the backing plate. Stuck brake shoes never release easy. Keep at it and let us know what happens. To many people post here and never follow up. That makes the information useless to others. So first good luck, second tell us what happened.

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    Yes, like he said.
    Stuck brakes are the most likely problem, and can be a pain to free up.
    Jack both wheels off of the ground.
    If the brakes aren't the problem, you should be able to rotate the wheels even if the ring/pinnion might be stuck. The other wheel would rotate backwards through the diff gears.
    If the ring/pinnion is locked, unbolt the drive flange caps from the front hubs so that you can tow it home.

    Welcome, don't hesitate to ask more questions, and please post pictures. We love pictures.

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    So what ever happened here? Did you find out what was causing the problem?

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    Sorry for the delay, life got in the way. Released front wheel brake adjuster and started it up and put it in first gear. Didn't want to move, gave a little gas and, after a very loud clank from the passenger front wheel drum, it rolled up and down the driveway. I haven't removed the wheel and drum yet, but presume this was a stuck brake shoe issue. Got two top side frame rails and will need to bend two top bows. Got NOS seat frames from Memphis Equipt and wife will sew up seat cushions. Put together troop seat hardware and just got through today counter sinking all the holes for the carriage bolts on new troop seat wood slats and have the cargo bed top bows to go with them. New Life Canvas is sewing up cargo bed canvas and cab top canvas with August delivery date, so it will be a topless summer. Pulled original gas tank and it boiled out niecely. Both strap bolts broke off so have to drill them out of the captive nuts on the gas tank strap brackets tomorrow and install tank and run all new rubber guel lines from tank to fuel pump. Windshield is donw and wiper motors are being rebuilt for vacuum operation. Pulled brush guard today and will sand and I'm thinking of installing some expanded steel grate to the four little grill tabs to protect the radiator from stones and rocks. Then on to electrical.

    It's coming along.

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