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Thread: NOS radiator source and value Qs

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    Default NOS radiator source and value Qs

    Hello guys,

    I am trying to find a NOS radiator for my truck.

    Seems very hard to locate one...

    Does anyone might know one for sale and if so for how much $$$ ???

    Thank you,

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    Nos radiators are very hard to find because:

    1. They get beat up and worn out over time and need replacing.

    2. the ones that sit on the shelf and dont get used go bad. Talk to someone who reworks old radiators....when I did, they told me that if the radiator isnt thermal cycled (get it hot, cool, get it hot, cool...driving it in other words) on a regular basis, the brass will become brittle and will crack when pressure is applied to it. I had one, it cracked first time I put pressure to it...took it to the radiator shop, fixed, took home, installed it, cracked again...thats when I had the discussion with the older guy who owns the shop and he told me about the brittleness issue...

    So, if its truly NOS, its probably junk...

    My $.02...
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    I have one sitting in my barn I took out of my running truck when I switched to the LS. Too far to ship. If anyone is close to FL and needs one I got it.

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