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Thread: M715 Fire Truck

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    Those bolts LOVE to back out...teflon thread sealer is a MUST!!
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    I can't say for sure....but i think I'm missing those bolts.

    Any clue of size/thread?

    Thanks for the info on all of it.

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    I've got another cross member running behind the transmission, so I can't see where those 2 bolts go.
    Is that extra crossmember a stock piece?
    It's bolted, I can remove it....but is it stock?


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    There is a cross member directly behind the transmission, should be a shelf welded on it to mount the back of the transmission on, it has a large round hole in it on the RH side for the front driveshaft to pass through. I looked at mine quickly and if I recall it's bolted in.

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    Definitely bolted in, I had to remove mine to repair the frame in that area.

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    Yea, mine is bolted in. I'll take it off and check the back of my trans for those missing bolts.

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    I've now have a 1974 AMC 360/3 speed/tcase out of a J10 to go in the fire truck.

    Any value in the stock, running and complete engine/trans/tcase? It has a rebuilt carb and new fuel pump on it. I hate to scrap it if someone can use it.

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    I'd place an add in the for sale section, even if you're giving it away so more people would see it.
    Come and take it
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    yea....I'll advertise it, but not shipping it.

    Might be worth more parted out. I've got $400 in carb and fuel pump $ in it. It runs, but needs a tune and new plugs.

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    stock engine is out. Next step is to mock up the 360/4speed/tcase assembly out of the 1974 J truck.

    Stock engine, trans, tcase is for sale. Located near Wilson NC.


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