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Thread: The longest build thread ever, at least it seems like it!

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    Absolutely Glenn. About 20 minutes and a "that was cool" comment at the end.

    I picked up a 12K waterproof Smittybilt winch yesterday. You can literally buy 4 of them for the costs of the Warn USA made 12K winch. I have probably 10 days left repairing the CJ7. I am trying to make it worthy of the Bring a trailer site. There are some deep pockets there. Crossing my fingers....

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    I'm probably dragging that M715 from Cheney home on Monday or Tuesday next week. Yeah more yard art.

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    Now thats funny. I knew you could not hold back. I covered the cab from you with boards and a tarp last night. It rained so hard with near constant lightning that I am sure it would have filled up full. Hot tub?

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    It was miserably hot and humid yesterday, southern guys would be bundled up, but for us northern guys it was. I didn't do much yesterday because of it. It's in the upper 40s right now and feels so much better. I might work on one of my 715s today.

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    I wish I could say that. I am headed out to work on the CJ again. I am getting close to being able to sell it. The good news is my data plates should arrive today. I ordered them just about two months ago out of Poland. Virus stuff probably held them up.
    I am building my M715 to mostly tour the woods here and get fire wood here and there. We went out last week to find a huge amount of new permanent closure to all motorized use signs everywhere. Old road beds that connect to others. I located the number of the guy in charge of all the roads here. He is being told to shut everything. He would not say if it was federal. Of course it is. There are hundreds of miles of really fun roads to explore here. Not for long it appears. I saw this happen in the Seattle area decades ago, again in the Portland area in the 90's and now here. Pretty sad to see. I hope some get left open. Now you will be a criminal for being out on your land if you have a motor with you. I had better get some street tires. A regular hoot I say.

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    72 days shipping. That is the longest shipping time I believe I have ever experienced. They look good though. Anybody have a source for the rivets? Rapco? Memphis?

    I will be back on the truck in 5 or so days. Going to pull front sheetmetal, repair the cab, remove it and get it down to Glenn. Poor truck is sitting out in the rain under a tarp looking neglected.

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    I got the same plates. Just went to the hardware store and got some 1/8” small head rivets. They look pretty much the same as stock!

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    This is where I bought my data plate rivets.

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    Well super. Thank you both. I will have to make a decision as either looks great. Years ago I bought a NOS gas fired heater for my first truck from Midwest Military. Ah... memories... And Scassidy I don't know how you keep such a clean shop. I am always impressed. When my shop is that clean, I can't find anything.

    The dash looks great!

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    Minor progress. Can't post pictures till I get a new laptop online. I'm working on it. I now have room in the shop for the M715. In preparation for giving my cab to Glenn, I have carefully cut the welds on the door latches and removed them and the welds. I am getting ready to patch the cut out floor pan on the trans hump. Now I can reach the rig with the welder. Once that is done I can take the cab to Glenn or have him come up. 97 degrees out. It's going to snow like heck in 4 months.

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