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Thread: The longest build thread ever, at least it seems like it!

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    After what seemed like a long time, I have the rear tank landed. A 41-48 Chevy tank with extended capacity from Tanks INC . I had to order a 2 inch mandrel bent 180. Dang thing finally showed up and it was polished> ugh. I don't remember ordering a polished SS pipe. Oh well.. So cutting it and flipping it to make an "S" shape put the tank to far to the passenger side. Rats. So I found a rubber 90 and it had a nice tight radius bend. Cut to length my tank is now right back on center. It clears the bed mount by 1/4 inch all the way through. So my rear filler is done. No clamps yet but that comes later after paint.
    I also finished the dual exhaust system. It is the best side to side match I have done yet. They always seem to be a little different on each side. This looks pretty good. I need to get shock mounts in and figure out what to use for a skid plate. Probably smooth aluminum bent to shape. My truck is going to weigh a lot. I will need a cummins when I am done.

    I have been plowing a lot of snow. So kind of slow going. I hope to move to inside the cab soon. I have some nice custom switches to land. Anyway. Happy New Year.

    More hopefully soon.

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    I have had some decent time in on the truck. A good distraction for me. Today was my wifes birthday. I miss her every minute. 89 days today.
    So I am working on my dash layout. Using custom printed rocker switches and converting the vacuum can heater controls to push pull knobs, I am getting a cool thing going. I have submitted drawings of the 4 dash heater decals I want made for the knobs. This company I have used before and they do fantastic work. So these decals will be sold on their site after the design is approved and I have my two sets. I will post the gory details for others and the future use of a FSJ heater assembly. I will be removing the dash, welding up a couple unwanted screw holes, then cutting the rocker switch holes. This is a fun part verses bumping my head on a lift repeatedly landing fuel tanks. I will have some pictures soon.

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    Looks like a couple week wait for my decals. I am heading out to pull the dash today. To weld up some unwanted previous owner holes and open up the metal for rocker switches and what ever else I come up with. The decals will fit on the lower flat portion of the dash metal. To surround the push pull knob holes.
    Here are my drawings and actual size pattern board samples.

    I guess I had better go get something done.

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    It has been 95 days today for losing my beloved wife. It seems like yesterday. Honestly the days do not bring much joy for me. But I have prayer and this old truck. I do count on things getting better later. The truck is a good distraction that I need. Silly me for moving to such a remote place. I just might start talking to myself soon.
    So moving on to the dash. I found the dash metal is a whopping 16 GA thick. I had hoped to punch some filler plugs with a hand punch. No go there and I ended up using some thick copper plate to back the holes. It absorbs heat preventing excess warping and makes for a flat sanitary back side weld. I was able to cut out the big hole for the 5 rockers and use that scrap for filling the bigger round holes. I used a blair hole cutter. Super clean cuts and not a hole saw by any means. The center pilot was great since I just wanted to reduce the hole size on some of them. I filled all the unwanted non OEM holes. And carefully cut the rocker holes to exact size called for.

    I got it all mocked up. I decided to put in a lower panel with two 12 volt lighter sockets.

    Throttle and choke knobs.

    The drivers side.

    The heater push pull knob conversion. Plus now I am not using FSJ vent knobs. I ordered two more of the black knobs and will put the vents in the middle so a passenger can reach their own vent. Napa only ordered one knob when I requested two more. Someone was not listening and I have to go back for the last one still.

    A ten thousand foot view. It will look sharp with my new Isspro gauges and a tan paint job.


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    Next I needed to resolve defroster ducts. The headlight switch and the glove box are both in the way. I doubt finding stock M715 defroster ducts would be easy. So I ordered the Scott Drake 67-68 Ford mustang NON AC ducts. The duct mounting ears are short by about 1.125 inch and I had to make a 2 inch long aluminum ear extension to use on the skinny end. Mounted in behind the dash it hit the headlight switch. So being ABS and having a bunch of ABS sewer pipe parts, I cut a 2 inch coupler and made a new notch that now clears the headlight switch and the big screw collar. Nothing like welding with glue.

    It now fits great.

    Not to much intrusion and it won't reduce the air flow.

    I had only ordered this drivers side to see if it would work. Well I just ordered the passenger side last night. So I need to wait for it to get here. I will need the same mounting ear extension and I will probably have to notch it to so I clears the upper corner of the glove box. Hopefully not by much.

    I have some underhood work to do, then I can move to straightening dents and sheet metal work prepping for paint. And I still need to go through the transmission and transfer case. And change the rear gear set. That won't take long as I have the kits here.
    I also ordered E code european headlights today. With relays. I need to be able to see deer and moose, bear and cougars while tooling up and down the highways. DOT USA headlights are really pretty lame for light output. I have had really good service from susquehana Motorsports. Let there be light.
    More as soon as I can make it happen.

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    Wish I could help...of course the quality of work would go down...

    Keep going inspires me!
    Lord send your Holy Ghost into our hearts and make the desire of our hearts Your Will.

    Pro-choice, that's a LIE, babies don't choose to die!!

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    Jon, It would not be a reduction in quality, it would be a reduction in productivity... We would have a lot to talk about.

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    True...lots to jabber on...but your skills...I cant match that...I can figure out which tool to hand you though and I know how a broom works!!
    Lord send your Holy Ghost into our hearts and make the desire of our hearts Your Will.

    Pro-choice, that's a LIE, babies don't choose to die!!

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    One good look around the shop and you can tell my broom is out of gas. That and the carb is all plugged up. I must have put it away last fall with old gas in it.

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    After several days of cleaning the shop which I really needed to do, I have some more heater defrost work done. The 67-68 mustang passenger side defrost nozzle from Scott Drake fit with just an extension of the mounting ear. It clears the glove box just fine. I using a later fiberglass heater plenum removed the vacuum cans and converted them to the push pull knobs. Fully adjustable they will be the ticket. I also got an email with a layout of my new dash decals for the heater controls. One small change and they will be ready for printing. I also just ordered three different 12x12 sheets of adhesive backed foam from McMaster Carr for rebuilding the plenum doors. I have done this before and it beats piecing strips together for the same repair.

    The warm air door.

    The floor heat and defrost control.

    I am also getting the interior lighting in place. Here is a LED in the glove box.

    I also ordered some three leaf stock springs for the K30 truck application. My springs have to much lift. I need to bring the front end down a couple inches.
    I was going to wait till I loaded a bumper and winch on it. But the prices are climbing and it was time to obtain them. I bead blasted the whole heater assembly. All the metal stuff. Then last night sourced some heater cores that may fit well with only some minor mods. The replacement heater cores you get from BJ's and every other parts house are to thin at 2 inches. Plus short by a smidge.
    More later..

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