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Thread: The longest build thread ever, at least it seems like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn View Post
    I should have the short driveline you need in my parts M715 you can have. Let me look today. I'll send you a text later today.
    That would be super Glenn! I don't have text! That was a land line number I sent. It will get lost in cyberspace.... Looking forward to hearing though.
    Thank you.

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    Well I am finally getting some time in on the truck. I have a pile of parts to work with now and want to get my ride height set. I took out the lift blocks from the rear and today my tires will arrive. I will head straight for the tire store with my new wheels to get them mounted up. Then all I need are the special lug nuts to get them on the dodge axle. I'll swap the axle in and put some fresh rubber on and see where it all sits.

    Good thing I put floor anchors in. Pretty hard to move a truck by yourself.

    I wanted the front bumper off. I want to lower the front sheet metal and it is in the way of the grill support. The front body metal has 3 inch lift spacers with 3/4 rubber in. I want it at OEM height.
    I had to cut some hard to reach welds and it went pretty smooth for what it was.

    Lots of flying sparks and a couple burns in my scalp later.
    I will not be reusing this bumper.

    So is there supposed to be a vertical flange here? I put a correct winch on my first truck and can't remember what was here. I have slept since then.

    So I am getting brake parts in for the Dodge rear axle. There were some that were missing. I have cut off the huge shock mounts and will put my own on later. I bought some long spring pads from Ruffstuff. Nice as they will combat spring wrap.

    I was pleased to find a tried and true Powr-Loc inside. The very best limited slip in my opinion. Adjustable even by changing the flat and curved plate ratio inside. Look at the build date. I can't go wrong!!:

    It appears that chevy K30 1 ton springs being flat may fit at the right ride height. I will be relocating spring mounts under the frame. The chev springs are 47 verses the stock 43. It should ride well especially after treating each leaf with slip plate. Can't wait for it.

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    Your front frame rail looks exactly like my stock ones. Don't think there is a vertical flange, just the bumper fhat goes across.

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    Well good.. I thought I saw an original edge under some of the welds.

    I appreciate your help Glenn with the parts. I just might get this thing running someday.

    Is the photobucket stripe visible to everyone viewing this thread and the pictures? Or is it just me? I pay monthly to show pictures. It was free and after years of loading project and thread pictures, they blocked my pictures till I paid up. Now I get a stripe and can't upload more than one picture at a time.
    The internet used to be fun. Well it aint anymore.

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    Just got back with these. Yokohama 37/14.50/17

    Looks like they will fit well.

    So much to do on this rig.

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    There is a lot to do around here with the snow melting. But I did find or make the time to get the 8 lug dodge axle and new tires in and on. I set the axle in and got the tires on and after the wife and I looked at it for a while, it was decided to flip the shackles back to the upside of the frame pin. It looks better and less work later. I am super pleased with the 37's They should fit pretty well and not eat fenders later. Plus I won't have to build a geriatric ladder to get in.

    And this idea came from Saxon. A friend and member over in Seattle. 1/8 inch thick straps cut to fit inside the spring pads. Now I can rotate the axle housing to find my pinion angle and not loose center. Since the ride height changed a couple times, I am glad I never tacked in the mounts. That will happen later when the truck is at it's running weight. The axle will be removed, a gear ratio change will be made to 4.56, and all new brake hardware. And some black paint. Then back in it will go.

    Next is to degrease the front chevy dana 60 as I am pretty sure there is an axle under the goo. Fit some springs on it, attach the alignment gauge and see what I need for suspension mounts. It appears that the nearly flat chevy 47 inch springs will put me where I want to be. The springs are available in 1200, 1400 and 1900 capacities. It would be nice to have the front be high verses low. It is easy to add thin blocks to the back if need be.
    I need to go see Glenn. He is helping me with several missing parts. A very helpful thing that in the end will save fabrication time.

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    I plan on pulling those parts for you tomorrow or maybe this afternoon. What are you doing tomorrow? The wife and I are thinking about doing a Sunday drive north.

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    Hey, cool! I will send you a PM. I was going to anyway.

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    Thank you Jon for fixing my thread title. The truck is in the shop, the replacement dana 60 is mostly stripped down and waiting on a good cleaning and paint and placement under the truck. Back at it soon I hope.
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    Get well Al.
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