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Thread: The longest build thread ever, at least it seems like it!

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    Wow looking good.

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    Yes it is Glenn.. I am really grateful for the cab. I'd be fixing the other one till next fall. I got the other rocker removed today. Same procedure as before. I believe that is the last of the major repairs. After it is done, there will be a LOT of sanding. You were right. The paint is as tough as nails.

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    Minus 3 degrees. Painting weather! I got a little more done. Been busy making FSJ parts. Still have a few more to get out the door but I spent the weekend on the truck. It will be painting weather soon so I really want to be ready for it. I ended up getting a rust treatment product from SEM. Like 3M everything 3M and SEM always works. This stuff looks like melted chocolate chip mint green ice cream. I did not taste it. It converts rust and works pretty well. I have painted the interior of the drivers side rocker with it. I should have done the passenger side but it got lots of paint. I have been wicking seams too. Pre sealant of course. Lots more to do with it.

    The rocker interior after drying for an hour. I painted it also. Lots of protection.

    So the melnick rocker replacements are super close to fitting but still needed some minor tweaking. As to being an aftermarket replacement panel, this is the best panel I have ever used. Some panels are so incredibly off in fit. Here is a pic of putting a slight curve to better graft to the parent metal. Gentle pressure every 1/4 inch to hopefully eliminate ridges.

    The bend made the rocker fit the back wall better. So lots of cutting and fitting. Cleco's once again are your friend. Got it done and it looks better than the passenger side. I ran the cuts all the way to the end this time.

    Some minor putty work will be needed here and there. Thats OK.

    20 years ago I had a pair of diamond plate rocker skins braked up. It was for my 69 wagoneer. I won't be putting them on that rig. It is an X model and being a 69, there were only a couple hundred made. So I am not modifying that rig now. I am considering shortening them and putting them on the M truck. Painted black as I am not wanting chrome or shiney stuff on this rig. I know... What is the world coming to. I would use nutserts for threaded holes. I hate to cover brand new metal. But this rig will spend a lot of time off road. I am undecided...

    I was going to treat with SEM and caulk stuff. But got a wild hair and put some more metal back. None of this was really visible. But I spent some time with a body hammer tapping stuff to see if I could knock anything loose. This must have been a low corner where it was parked.

    What I took out. Three pieces.

    What I put back. One piece at a time. This ought to last.

    Continued for picture limit.
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    I did not know using smilies counted as a picture. Fixed it.

    So looking very closely I found a couple more spots to fill. They were hard to find. In the middle of a large span of great metal, random small spots of rust. Kind of odd.
    This paint is just about as strong as metal I swear.

    A couple minutes later. Good as new.

    With that metal work done I started adding some modern FSJ stuff. I measured, marked and cut in the fresh air vent holes. Sure enough, three plus inches of debris that looked a lot like a mouse nest. A shop vac took care of that. Now I can paint in there.

    Got them both cut in and vents test fitted. This will be cool later.

    I found some mirrors I like. I just need to make a new mount plate like what is there but the ears 90 degrees to what they are now. So the mirror will pivot back and forth, not up and down. Hit a branch with that and I will bend sheetmetal. I will probably make it out of stainless. Made by Rugged Ridge for tube doors on a newer Jeep JK or something.

    The business side. I like them.

    1966 Pontiac GTO.
    That is the radiator that is a darn near exact match to my wagoneer 4 row brass and copper radiator for my buick 350 in the wagoneer. Since I am running a Buick 350 in the M truck, this should fit well. I was hoping to keep my front frame braces. I would have used the same radiator Scassidy used. But I plan on some hardcore firewood tree winching and wanted to keep them. If I have to cut them out later so be it. But looks like I will have 1/4 to a half inch top and bottom. There is about 3/4 to 1 inch on each side. Plenty of room.

    They claim 30% thicker tanks. Probably good for bumpy roads later.

    Black paint ready.

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    Under the hood with it closed.

    Hood open. The radiator will be mounted about a half inch higher. It is sitting on a leaf spring for the pic. They could shorten the filler neck a bit. It will still fit. I will have to make mounts.

    I think that is it for now. I have quite a mess to clean up. And then another mess to make. Or three

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    Looks great.

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    Thanks, Got a surprise in the mail today. Thank you very much!

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    Amazing!! You are somewhere between expert and magician in my book!!
    Wish I could come there and spend time learning in person...fantastic work! Keep it going!!
    Lord send your Holy Ghost into our hearts and make the desire of our hearts Your Will.

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    I love the fresh air vents. Want to do that to mine. Where did you get them???

    EDIT: NVRMND there are a bunch of them on EBAY
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    Jon, It would be a hoot... You would always be welcome here. We could beat up some metal. And weld razor blades together.

    Teking, They are full size Jeep vents. From any semi early J truck or a wagoneer. You need to grab the vent handle pulls too. The clip behind the dash for the handles will make you totally insane. Like a tabbed brake clip they slide of the post. I almost gave up on the last set. O-ring picks , small screw drivers, and pliers of several jaw configurations. Probably should include a bandaid or two in there also. I might have an extra set, Let me look today.

    They will be a really neat addition.

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