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Thread: The longest build thread ever, at least it seems like it!

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    Truck is looking good. Are you moving out of the area? Or just closer to town?

    And congratulations. We need to get together and have lunch soon to catch up.

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    Congratulations on the marriage, Al! I'm happy to hear things have turned around for you and hope they continue to get better!
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    Thanks guys... It seems to be getting better. October 19th will be a very tough day. But getting past these first times for each thing is important for moving on. Liz is totally at peace now. And with her daughters. They are in a good place. My new bride is quite the gal. On board with the current day issues and a good match for me. My home has been on the market for about a hundred days now. Price lowered three times and not one looker. A year ago it would have sold inside of a week. Glenn to answer your question, I would like to stay here in the Panhandle, but I have been looking in Wenatchee. Moving internally into WA state is something I am really struggling with. A very corrupt and drunk on power governor and very new very stupid gun laws that only hurt the law abiding, I am second guessing leaving here. My wife has an 87 year old Mom she cannot leave. And a step dad with terminal cancer. Her mom needs us. There is more to be revealed here. Time will show it. I need to find a job too. Glenn I would make the drive down for a lunch. I know you are busy. You make the time and I will be there. It would be good to catch up.

    I look at my truck every day. I intend to resume work on it this winter. With a goal of paint in the spring. I need to sell and move so that may change things. I do have some input about using a civi door. You need to add a bracket inside the door to hold the Mil wing window. I plan on detailing this in my next progress posting. An unexpected find there.

    Good to chat with you guys...
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    Congrats on the marriage Al!! Where do I send the gift?

    Congrats on being born in Christ as well!!

    Major life changes...God bless you in all these new directions Sir!!
    Lord send your Holy Ghost into our hearts and make the desire of our hearts Your Will.

    Pro-choice, that's a LIE, babies don't choose to die!!

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    Thank you Jon. No gifts please... I have been meaning to get a post in here. I had a very weird summer. I did not get much of anything done. I did roast a boat motor from not watching my temp gauge. No smell either. I would have caught it. 109 days later I dropped in a rebuild, got the cam broke in, took it out for an hour of figure eights to seat the rings and then brought it home to winterize it. We have been down to 2 degrees already. I have been pushing the Mtruck around all summer to use the shop for stuff. I really lost a lot of time this summer thinking I was going to sell and move. Not wanting to get any big projects started. I had one looker from Seattle. He said he really liked the place but being in WA state by 1500 feet was a deal breaker. He is sick of WA politics and the wokeness everywhere. I agreed and wished him luck in his search. I am off market now. My sense of smell has gone haywire. Everything and I mean everything smells like over fragrant laundry detergent. wood smoke, exhaust, farts, dinner, everything... Hey it could be dog pooh instead... LOL Maybe it means I am supposed to do laundry. Ha.. I will be in the shop this winter working on the truck again. I need to change a ring and pinion, rebuild some gear boxes, look inside the motor etc... I will be bending up a rear bed rack to mount a Cal King sized 23 zero roof top tent on. I am eager for that to be done. Back soon..

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    Well snow is here and I have been laying on a creeper under the truck. I guess it is time to get more done. I am getting ready to bend up a rear bed rack to hold a roof top tent. This rack will fit my truck and M101 trailer. The M101 is 1.5 inches wider than the M truck. Oddly the bed in the M101 is just a tad bigger than the M truck. I have the roof top tent mounted on my little M410 trailer. My late wife and I slept in it one time in the yard and that is the only use it has seen. My intent for it was to be on the M715. And transferable to the M101. So I need to finish the doors and address the issue I found with using civi doors on an M truck.
    And the reason for the creeper was to figure out the best way to fix my mistake of welding up the best exhaust I have done yet and I accidentally blocked my upper shock mounts. I blame that on the covid brain. I still suffer from being a little slow from the fog. I am trying to find a way to heal from that. So far it looks like just redoing the exhaust is the easiest ticket. Goofball.. I need axle shock mounts, a rear gearing change, skid plates, and some type of cage for the cab. The tubing I am using for the tent rack was supposed to be in the cab. Nothing like a plan change. I will get some pictures up soon.

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    Are you snowed in yet up there?

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    Heck yes... Had a solid 2 feet before December hit. That is a lot of snow way early. I will get 3-5 feet all year with settling to a pretty consistent 35-40 inches on the ground. I have yet to see just what this year will bring. I wish my shop roof would get rid of what is there. This could be a mess later.

    So I have threatened to do a post for a long time now. I have been pretty busy and side tracked with trying to sell my home and bail out of here. Losing my Liz changed everything. It would help to leave here and start fresh somewhere else. God has a plan and his plan is much more important than mine. So I try to go with it. I did not take on any projects this summer because I thought I was going to be moving. Well here I am still here and I have actually started back in on the truck. Seems to be a winter only project so far. That is OK as I am almost done with the build. Except disassembly and paint. So I have a door issue to address. And my last few days were spent making a rear bed rack for a roof top tent. A cool tent that will transfer between my truck bed and to my M101 trailer. The rack fits both.
    First off I thought using a civi door was a piece of cake. Cut the braze up front and unbolt the triangular wing window and remove it. The rectangular M truck wing window and brackets fit right down in the civi door but I discovered something. That hole up on the top of the inside of the door just below the back edge of the wing window is for a bracket that holds the wing window frame. That bracket does not exist in the civi full size jeep door. Without the bracket the glass tips up and down and is not held firmly in place keeping the correct alignment with the windshield gap. I took out the spot welds and removed a bracket so I could copy it. Here is all the detail.
    So you can't use a civi full size jeep door without doing the following.

    This upper hole and the bracket behind it. Spot welds cut and that is what it looks like.

    The OEM bracket behind my civi door. I still need to weld them in. But you can see the wing window frame threads back in there.

    My copy of the OEM part.

    Some dimensions in case someone needs to make some of these.

    The mounting hole was roughly 9/16 but I cut mine at 1/2 since I don't need all that fudge room.

    The height of the bracket. Get it close and it should work fine.

    I spent some time on you tube watching how to accurately bend roll cages. I have not used my JD Squared model 3 bender in over a decade. I bought 1 3/4 dies for the front roll cage hoop. I had the stick of 1 3/4 tubing but elected to make a mount for the roof top tent with it. I have 2 inch dies and have two 20 foot sticks of 2 inch tubing for a roll cage. I was going to use 2 inch except for the front hoop. I was going to use 1 3/4 to fit better. But I used it for the tent mount. If I can get 2 inch to work in the front I will. But till then I can now put my roof top tent on. The rack is not done as I am waiting for some gussets to get sent here. Other than that is is pretty complete. I wanted it to be at 78 inches high. I can still see out the back window and 78 inches is the height of my annex that zips on the bottom of the tent making another ground floor room. It will be slick.

    I carefully bent up two hoops. They came out exact. I was surprised actually. They follow the profile of the cab soft top.

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    I used 2x3 3/16 angle for the bed brackets. I cut them back some to lighten them up. I welded everything with 1/8 aluminum spacers between the angle and the bed wall. I am gluing on 1/8 high density rubber there later after paint. Some cushion and paint protection.
    I found bending 1/8 TIG filler rod into the profile I wanted worked really well. I was able to follow it with the plasma cutter very well. I simply cannot free hand this stuff. So the welding filler rod was the ticket. It was very cold out. And getting dark. I could hardly see through the helmet from the steam.

    It turned out pretty well. I need to clean up some of my welds but overall I am happy with it. It is just high enough for good rear window visibility and the tent folded up will not stick up from the cab roof very much at all.

    This is the tent on my little M416 trailer. Same tent that will now go on the truck.

    Opened up no lower annex attached..

    It will make the truck a great back woods exploring rig and I guess it is called overlanding .. well it sounds like fun.

    On a final note. I found NOS mirror arms at Midwest Military. That issue is solved. I read they shake though. I may modify them. I also found a CUCV 12 volt blackout light. Since I will be all 12 volt this is cool and I can keep the original look and have it work also. Good finds.

    And from many many years ago. I found this and put it on the shop wall. It is faded big time from being on my first trucks battery box, but oh the memories.. Made me smile. Circa 2005ish.

    More soon as I finish the gussets and get after my exhaust system correction. Glad to finally get this posted.
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    Got the wing windows done. If converting FSJ doors check the contact between the bracket and wing window frame. I had to rework even the OEM bracket since it only had contact with the frame on the top edge. That would have pulled the frame assembly away from the door frame when tightened up. I corrected both brackets. They don't influence the angle now.

    Got the seats mounted. OEM M715 bases were to tall with these seats I have. I dug out some low back seat mounts from a FSJ and they too were to tall. So I made new ones. I dropped the front of the seat by around 2 inches. Now I can get in with the steering wheel not being in the way. I did the bending on a bearing press with jigs..

    My new wife is short. Barley 5 foot tall I realized she would have a great view of the grab bar and bottom of the windshield if I lowered the seat like my side. So I left the height and raised the back some. I can rework these later if I need to. I am eyeballing the battery box mounts. Wondering what I could put between the seats. I will think on what makes sense.

    Her side is a shade taller. A 2 inch roll cage bar fits behind the sides and I still need to come up with seat belts. I will cover these seats as cloth seats in a rig like this seems wrong. I will make something or I am told Cabelas has great stuff for seat covers. Just something simple and weather proof.

    I have some gussets to weld on the roof top tent mount and some exhaust to reroute so I can put shocks on. Can't believe I did that. Onward..
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