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Thread: The longest build thread ever, at least it seems like it!

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    Tried to send a PM with directions. Your mailbox is full. IFSJA has them.
    Liz, covid, murdered 10/19/21

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    Libby is cool. I've spent quite a bit of time up there 2017-2018 for work and one of my current coworkers lives up there on the weekends. I've been following over on IFJSA. I can only come up for one day so what day is everyone else going to be there.

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    Some progress. I have had my home for sale all summer. 150K reduction and not one viewing. Crazy... I am trying to get paint on everything. So I can wire it this winter. I want it done. I got a call yesterday to go get my engine. So I am doing that in an hour. I have the entire nose off the truck and I just welded on the plates on top of the buick 350 motor mounts. I am going to paint the frame and body parts hopefully in a week or so. I have already started blasting and painting black parts. I got 44 parts painted. And a new batch ready to go.

    Liz, covid, murdered 10/19/21

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    I suppose it is time for an update. I finally got line clamps on the brake and fuel lines. Front to back. Then removed absolutely everything off the frame for paint. I put plates on top of the buick 350 motor mounts just like OEM but made them a different shape and welded the plates on. I got my engine back bored .030 over with the most shallow dished pistons to try and keep some compression up. I got it assembled and had a bit of a mishap with the power steering pulley on a new borgeson dual return hydroboost pump. The pulley was the wrong offest. The belt alignment was off. The pulley got severely stuck and I damaged two pullers and eventually moved to my biggest puller I have. It sheared the pulley pulling lip right off. I ended up using a hole saw with no pilot bit and cut the pulley off the collar. Then cut it with a die grinder and finished it off with a pencil grinder till the collar split. It was an insane three hours trying to remove it. I have a dual groove pulley on the way. That will allow proper belt alignment. Anyway, the last day or so was spent trying to sand down the floors. With a 25 grit DA sanding disc it hardly touched it. I ended up needing a black fiber paint removing wheel and took about 3 or 4 layers of heavy paint off. Then smoothing with the 25 grit. I will say military paint is tough as nails. It will take a while to get done.

    A very stuck PS pulley.

    The lines for both front and rear tanks. And selector valves to move fuel from tank to tank or to the engine.

    The engine getting masked off.

    As it sits waiting for the power steering set up to get done. Then it gets covered to keep paint dust off it. I had Buick red but the GM low gloss black seemed more fitting. I have a quadrajet selected. The rebuild kit and new parts are also on the way.

    Hopefully some paint pictures soon.
    Liz, covid, murdered 10/19/21

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    I got another big batch of black parts painted today. That and finalized everything on the engine except the carb. Ready for gauge hook up's and plug wires. The pulleys all got fixed too.

    Liz, covid, murdered 10/19/21

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