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Thread: The Ultimate in pic-posting help

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    Default The Ultimate in pic-posting help

    While there are certainly other ways of posting pictures on a forum such as this, I think this is one of the most basic methods that most folks new to picture-posting will find fairly straight forward.

    Okay, you have a picture on your computer that you'd like to post on the forum (this one or practically any other). Here's how you do it:

    1. Set yourself up a free account on Photobucket by following the instructions for doing so on

    2. Okay.... You know where the pics are in your computer. Like in "My Pictures" or wherever.

    3. With that in mind, go to:

    4. With your account set up (my Photobucket username is "Timulator"), when the page opens, it will look like something like this:

    5. Click on the green "Upload" button at the center up top. Your screen will then look like this:

    6. Click on the big, green "Select photos and videos" button and a window will open from your computer with your pictures, looking something like this:

    7. Note which file that window is showing, then get to the file where your picture is located.

    8. Highlight the picture you wish to upload to Photobucket by clicking once on it. (If you wish to upload more than one, simply hold the "Ctrl" key as you click each one.) In the example below, I have highlighted the picture titled "2006fishingseason."

    9. Click on the "Open" button in the lower right corner of the window. You will see a progress bar indicating the upload status. A video ad may or may not play (advertisements are why Photobucket is free!) During the upload, it will look something like this:

    10. When your upload is complete, Photobucket will tell you so, like this:

    11. Click the blue "Save and continue to my album" button and then your own personal Photobucket album will appear, showing thumbnails of all the pictures you have uploaded, looking something like this:

    12. See the boat pic that I uploaded there in the upper left corner? Move the cursor over it and a drop-down menu will automatically appear, like this:

    13. Next, move your cursor down to the "IMG code" line at the bottom and click once. Watch the box and you'll see a brief "Copied" appear and fade out. That code is now copied and ready to be pasted in your forum post.
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    ImageShack limits it to 1.5 megabytes, but that is a huge file and will take a very long time to upload. I try to keep pics at around the 50kb size.
    Binford, How does a person make their pictures smaller? I have several to post at 1.57-1.69MB in size.

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    If you have an image editor you probably have a option to save the pics at less than the original resolution or pixel density.

    For images posted on the net, over 75 dpi is wasted as the screen cant display better....for printing its a whole nother story...

    So if you have such a program, you can save a copy of the pics you want to post online at 75 dpi AND keep the high resolution for yourself or for someone who might want them.

    Also reducing the size of the image helps if the image is really big to start a 1600X1200 or larger image cut down to 800X600 or less will cut the file size a chunk.
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    Thanks for the assistance. I used MS Office Picture Manager to compress the photos.

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    I have updated the procedure. What was there before was from 2008 and was completely different from how Photobucket works today!

    On the boat forum I hang out on, the question kept coming up, so I was going to copy the post I'd done here, but found it to be too out of date, so I made a new one for the boat forum and copied it to here for y'all. Hope it helps!
    -- Tim Taylor

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    Default Pic-posting help addendum

    I am typing here to say whatever it is I wanted to say about this picture I am about to post. I have no idea whose boat this is, but it appears to be a Canadian vessel based on the registration numbers, eh?

    So I want to place that picture in the middle of this post. What I'll do it type these words until the point I want to place my picture, which is just below this:

    So the picture will appear above these words I'm typing now and below the words I typed just before posting the code for that picture. Putting a few blank lines (by hitting "enter" a couple times) helps set apart your picture from the text. You should also put a space between each picture link too. If the picture links appear one below the previous, without a space, the pictures will appear butted up against each other, which is often confusing as it can be difficult to tell where one picture ends and the next begins.

    So that's all there is to it. Feel free to post a reply here if you have any questions, or if I wasn't clear about something.

    Happy pic-posting!

    And here is what the above looked like as I was typing it, showing how I put spaces before and after the picture code was placed in there so the picture would stand apart:

    -- Tim Taylor

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    use the IMG code, paste it here.

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    Here is a youtube tutorial that shows how to post pictures:
    Thanks, George
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    So is there anyway to put up section on the site that just has pics that everyone can scroll through. Interested in looking at all the pics to get ideas on mounting items, looks, paint jobs etc.

    Have finally I guess gotten started on mine. Need to post, obviously but thought this a valid question.

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    Default The Ultimate in pic-posting help

    Ur best bet is to just go through all the builds and see what people have done. There is also an ultimate pic thread, it has mostly completed trucks though. The build threads will give u details.

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