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Thread: Brass Data Plate Rivet Review

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    Default Brass Data Plate Rivet Review

    The brass rivets came today from Midwest Military.
    I measured them and did a test on an extra plate that I had.
    The head diameter of .215" and shape are right on.
    I was concerned about the shank dia. of .120" because this is .030" smaller than the holes in the data tag mounting plate.
    Until the very end of the rivet setting test, I didn't think that they would expand enough to work.
    The last final hits with a blunt center punch expanded the rivet tight enough that it held firm. The rivet is flush with the back of the plate and looks just like the originals.
    Due to the sloppy rivet fit of the rivets in the holes when starting, I am going to glue the tags in place first to prevent them from moving and getting crooked while riveting.
    Midwest Military gives you 30 rivets, plenty of extras in case you goof.
    I need to find some brass blacking solution to age them a little.

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    Lemon Juice will turn them black.

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    Thanks for posting is truly a great part of life the way people help each other with information and communication...expand the knowledge base in a positive direction...its a win-win!!
    Lord send your Holy Ghost into our hearts and make the desire of our hearts Your Will.

    Pro-choice, that's a LIE, babies don't choose to die!!

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    Finished riveting all of my data plates on with the rivets from Midwest Military.
    Instead of glueing, I used lots of masking tape to hold the plates square in position, it worked great and protected the finishes from any marring.
    I used a 3/16" roll pin punch. The punch with it's .090" hemispherical ball in the center of it's flat face gave factory looking results everytime.

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    THANK YOU JEEPDAN for the info!!!
    Thanks for all the help!

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    thanks for the info!! I can get another part of my project done.
    I had bought "u-drive screws" last year but they just did not look right,so I am glad I waited.

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    I appreciate this thread. Thank you Jeepdan. I will try the roll pin punch and tape method. I got my new rivets. But when I covered my data plates I used a scrap piece of tool box drawer liner. It has openings and that allowed some type of paint fumes or something to etch the plates. So they look fish scaley. Darn it I had to order a new set. Another hundred bucks there. Looking forward to getting them done though. Thanks for the info Jeepdan.
    Liz, covid, murdered 10/19/21

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    I'm happy to hear that the information I posted was helpful to someone.
    Dang, sorry to hear about the rubber drawer liner SNAFU.

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    Well I had total success thanks to your tape advice. I posted it on my build thread. The only thing I saw was sort of an issue I caused was using a countersink bit in a drill press to remove the old rivets. I touched the mounting plate just enough to lightly countersink the holes. I had to use a small ball peen hammer to swedge the rivets a tad more for a tight grip. But it went fine and it is straight and looks just great. I can tell without the advice I would have fought the alignment. I put the plate on a blue paper towel shop rag. It seemed to preserve the rivet head. Anyway thank you Jeepdan!!

    Liz, covid, murdered 10/19/21

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    Turned out fantastic.
    Glad I could give helping advice.

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