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Thread: chevy 350/turbo 400 recommendations

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    I am contemplating the change from the stock engine and trans the a chev 350/turbo 400 combo. Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions positively or negatively? Is there anything to look out for or specifics I need to be aware of. I also know it is a popular but generic swap, it seems the easiest due to motor mount kits and parts etc. comments please. thanks

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    Default chevy 350/turbo 400 recommendations

    you will probably have to move t-case back as th400 is rather long.

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    Hi Hammer....long time no see!!

    After seeing 3 big blocks in M715s that had the mounts moved forward about 2 inches....and still had room for stock type fans and did not have the firewall dented for the valve covers or the distributor, I would go that route were I to use a small or big block will help a little on the tranny length too!
    What tcase..married or divorced....linkage mount comes to mind....there are ways, just depends what you are gonna use.
    As ffr as easy, yeah, it is the easiest and most spported swap out there....well the 350 is...I think most go with the 350 trans too....but the 400 is stouter and a good choice for heavy duty service.
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