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Thread: Turbo 350 question???

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    I have a T350 in my 715, and it likes to puke ATF out through the dipstick tube. It doesn't need to be hot necessarily, the other day, it did it 10 minutes after I started the truck. I have a big aluminum cooler on the trans, and it never seems to get hot. Any ideas???

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    Not to be a jerk- but you are filling it with the motor running and in neutral, right? If you overfill them then they'll do that as they heat up.

    I had a turbo 350 in my rig for a while....then the case split and it really puke the fluid.

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    I believe so, I haven't filled it in a long time, my brother added some a couple months ago, said it was way low and thought the vacuum modulator was bad. ie, sucking it into the engine and burning it. I have never had that experience with it. I will check the level again, its probably due for a change anyway, it was a junkyard trans when I put it in. One of those deals, it was rebuilt for a car 10 years ago, and only ran a couple times. Should be fine!1!1!

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    Only two things come to mind 1-loose convertor generating way too much heat . 2-G.M. had a problem with autos puking fluid out several years ago and redid dipstick and tube to a style where dipstick has a seal on cap end that swells and seals tube when lever is flipped down. ask for one for a 86 c-10 (1/2 ton pu.) with a mv4 tranny and you will see what I mean. be sure to get trans to tube seal as well as I think they are revamped too.

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    Default Custom plate for the b-ster!!

    How do you know that it is not getting hot? Do you have a gauge on it? I never realized how hot transmissions can get before I installed a gauge on my turbo 350 in my jeep. It would really surprise you

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    did you check thevent on top of the transthere is a tube sticking out on the top, upper half of the case, this will also cause fluid belching out the tube and you should have something moving air across the tranny cooler to help cool it too.
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    The cooler is mounted in front of the radiator, with the electric fan pulling through it. I hadn't thought about the vent, that could be plugged with any number of things.

    The dipstick that is in it is an aftermarket chrome one, with a rubber seal at the top, no flip lever though.

    No gauge, but when it started doing it the other day, the truck had only run 10-15 minutes, hi idle in park. Would it build heat that quick like that?

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    usually its one of three things. Lack of cooling, plugged up vent tube and or no flow to trans cooler or to small of a cooler can also do it since you arent running it thru the radiator ( I take it). an extra large cooler may be required too. hopefully one of use can give you the info needed to get you taken care of.
    good luck
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