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Thread: rocker panel guards?

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    Default Brian?

    i was looking into fabricating some sort of guard for the rocker panels today (i already smashed both of them in pretty good) and i noticed that the frame in which to weld the guard to is pretty far under the cab. too far to really have a strong enough support.

    has anyone made rock guards for their trucks? how did you mount them? pictures would be appreciated. thanks

    -Brian M

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    1969 M715

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    12" pipe is the right curve to weld on top.....

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    thats a hell of a question, mine are rusted out at the corners. i would like to do what you are talking abought insted of fixing the sheatmetle since it would just get thrash again. what if you make a rolecage in the cab and tie the rocker guards onto the cage????
    M715,s..are a mans jeep...

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    well how about get some schedule 80 or so 12" pipe, or 12" tube. you could cut quite a few rocker covers. weld them on top the old and brace them under the cab.

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    i was thinking of braceing them on the cab, (cutting out the old ones and putting the beefier steel in) but i dont want to tweak my cab up when i hit rocks off road, it doesnt seem that the cab itself would hold up to all that weight being forced upon it when beating it offroad. i would rather weld it to the frame and it would double as a step to get in, and if i stuck it out just a wee bit farther than the body it would protect the doors and such from all these trees in NH.

    -Brian M

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    if you make a cage it should tie onto the frame if done correctly, becoming part of the frame, you could put alittle extra beef around the rocker guards to be safe.
    M715,s..are a mans jeep...

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