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Thread: [ POLL] how much money do you have invested in your 715???

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    wow, i dont feel as bad! yall are in heavy too!

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    And yet, for all of our spending, consider this: You buy a new Tahoe/Suburban/Expedition/F250 whatever...$30,000 - value drops every year, and there are tons of them on the, drop $5000-10,000 into your trucks, have great trucks, and be the only one like it around......that's awesome!!

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    No matter what the price, the wife pain is always the most expensive...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregolma
    No matter what the price, the wife pain is always the most expensive...
    My wife doesn't complain at all about any vehicle I buy. Of course I did have to buy her an Escalade to get her to stop whining

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    $5000 so far into my current blue 715 body on Chevy running gear project.

    Original 715 purchase $700
    New Life Resources top $250 ?
    Side racks $150
    Fording pipe $50
    Donor Suburban $300
    Engine Turbo $700
    New Tires and Wheels $1600
    New custom radiator $300
    Batteries & Electrical $300
    Miscelaneous add ons $500

    Future planned expenses
    Milemarker hydraulic winch $800
    Regear axles to 4.56 or 5.xx
    Lockers ??
    All new dash gauges
    recondition diesel motor $2000

    It has been my experience when doing any vehicle project, especially specialized or collector type rigs, that you will be money ahead to purchase the best condition vehicle you can afford at the time of original purchase. Subseqent work and parts seem to always exceed the replacement value.


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    $1200 for my 715
    $300 for donor wagoneer(power steering, brakes, seats, heater, hood)
    $0 for the engine, tranny (i like that price!)
    $150 for paint
    $150 for various seals
    $480 for 4 tires
    $200 for misc (gauges, wiring, lights, ect...)
    $100 for tie rod ends


    ive put about 18k miles on the truck. @ 8mpg average and an average of 1.50 a gallon= $3,375 dollars for fuel alone...thats more than i payed for it!

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    Wow...I don't keep receipts just for this purpose. Under 10K, but that's ONLY because my acquisition cost was very minimal plus I've horse traded to a bunch of parts too.
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    both too much and not enuff at the same time

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    $2000 for 1969 M715,$450 transport Iowa -Texas,$350 misc. parts and it runs like a top! Still need New tires($1000),Locking Hubs($200),parts for straight through conversion($175 if I can ever get ahold of VPW?)'s a work in progress!
    1969 M715

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    I payed &1900.00 for it.
    Begged a bunch of parts for it ( Thanks B-)
    The truck has still nickle and dimed me to death so far I have a little over $4000.00 in it all.
    And it still looks like sh!t.
    Tree, WHAT Tree officer?

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