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Thread: invasion of the body swappers

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    ok, looking for a few opinions.

    what do you all think would be cooler under a M-715 body?

    A) 1982 chevy k-30 frame, 396bbc, Sm465, Np205, front Dana 60 (full 35 spline upgrade), 14 bolt rear. 4.56 gears, 3" lift springs already on it.

    B) early-mid 1990's dodge 2500 or 3500 chassis. Cummins 6bt, 5-spd manual (6spd if i can find it), Np205, Dana 60 front, Dana 80 rear.

    either way the truck is going to have an ARB in front, Detroit in rear, Warn Premium Hubs, if going with dodge, lift springs will probably be needed.

    or there's always the el cheapo way:
    C) AMC 360 and th400 with dana 20

    What do ya'll think?

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    Default invasion of the body swappers

    oh, and i'm buying the dodge either way, so i can have a diesel truck (more power & cheaper fuel & better mileage). the question is just which body it should have. dodge, or M-715?

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    M-715 of course, tons of dodges out there, not many 715s...way cooler.
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    if it were me, i would buy the dodge truck and use it as a tow rig. then use the 360/th400 and leave the stock axles for a bad*** trail rig. if thats too high on the pocket, then the m715 on the dodge would be nice, but im not convinced you could fit the m715 front clip over the cummins and related stuff.

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    I would go with the Chevy. I put an M715 body on an 84 Suburban chassis with 6.2 Diesel and everything fits and lines up with very little modifying.


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    yeah, with the dodge setup, it may end up needing raised mounts for the cab, but i have to make mounts anyway, so that ain't no big thing. I know a 6bt will fit in the engine bay... Willie's truck has one, and there was an M-725 on e-bay about 3mo ago that had a 6bt in it.

    i was thinking i'd put the M-715 running gear under my wagoneer...

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    Be a bad-a$$' with room for 5! hehe


    btw Brad, thanks for the parts!
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    I'm still up in the air about this. My chevy looks really cool, I don't want to kill it, but gas is so expensive it's killing me! thanks for all you input guys!

    For the wagoneer i have a set of full width dodge 3/4 ton axles, or the M-715 axles. not sure which im gonna use yet. I think the dodge stuff because it is 4-wheel disc, D44HD front and D60FF rear. all it needs is 4.56 gears and minispool in the back. I think an Ox locker for the front, later on when i have $$.

    As far a the M-715 body-swap, does anybody else have an opinion??

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    I think the Dodge Cumins would be really cool- gonz
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