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    can you fit 15 inch wheels on the stock axles

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    It has been done...I beleive the backspacing was adjusted to clear the drums.
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    The back axle has the brake drum further in and should handle any 15" wheel you put on it. The front axle will handle at least 4.5" backspacing and possibly 4". I ran 13" wide x 15" wheels with 4.5" backspacing and had plenty of clearance when I ran my 44" tires.


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    thank you. did my time with 16.5s on my old truck and vou never agian. just checking my options
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    dont know what i did but here is a picture of my truck... this was suposted to be my avator i know that it is to big of a pic sorry for the f#@% up, im suprized that i got this for. might as well take advantage of the oportunety, its a 1968 with stock every thing with winch and heater. the only non stock parts are the front hubs and the shift knob that i made out of a granade..
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    o.k. i think i fixed it but i wont know until i post this if it doesnt work i will look like an idiot here goes nothing..........
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    try posting pic on
    browse and find pic on your computer, double click it then push host it button and wait till it gives you a file location, copy that to your post and you should have a pic. it took me for ever to get it even half way down. I still have fun. hope this link works.
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    Default Deuce and a half parts wanted..

    i had a picture of mt truck posted but every time i would post there would be a big pic of my truck at the bottom.. i fixed it and in the process the pictures on my earlyer post was deleated. so people prabably thought i was seeing things because its not there anymore... or somthing like that
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    is any one using 16 inch rims??
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