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Thread: LED military taillights UPDATE!!!see 1st post

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    anyone seen these in use? after calling around and an extensive websearch i was told the below listed front lights are no longer in production due to a failure of the board. relplacements are 4th quarter 2004 or 1st quarter 2005. the worst price was 150ea, and best was 108

    further investigation led me to these, which are made by they retail between 450-480ea!!!!!!!!!! i liked to die! so all day calling around i found them VERY comparible in price to the above junk ones. so i ordered 4 of them. i will let you know and get pics when they come in. i have seen truck-lite brand led's on big rigs and trailers and am very impressed. anyone needing them they can call 713-805-3000 and ask for brian, he is the owner. also i couldnt find incandescent ones for less than 48ea, and i cannot find metal ones.... the insurance company check will cover those! and im REAL gun shy about driving it with stock lights
    part#07412 w/brackets or 07241w/outpart
    part#07411 w/brackets or07240w/out

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    Default Wanted: Drivers side fender and seats for a M715........

    Lee, I've got a set of one of the deuce trailers that looks externally idencitly to the stock deuce lights but they're aluminum housing and have led's for the lower and middle lights, then have bulbs for the top two. Kinda cool...don't know the voltage...most likely 24.
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    the above ones are EXPENSIVE 100ea. BUT they work on 12/24/36 volts. my back hurts bad enough i may spend the money... actually i will.

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    Don't shell out the big bucks yet I might have a line on cheaper ones, I don't have the link right now cause Im at work. Will post tonite.
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    ok, ill wait...., thanks in advance

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    When we go to the Oshkosh air show each year, the Oshkosh truck co. always has some of their military models siting there...last couple years there all LED lights...even the HEMMIT fire trucks with 30 or 40 lights on them, all down both sides, top and bottom....
    On some of the big trucks, you can get right at the rear where they bolt on....figure if its done right, Kevin nd I could take a ratchet/socket and a wrench and pull 2 fronts and 2 ears and throw them in a bag with no problem...
    Now this year there'll be a guy with an M16 standing there asking me if I think the LED's are cool or what....
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    A friend of mine had them on his trailer...They are only about and inch thick and are bright...and yes they work on everything from 12V- 48 volts. But are the big bucks!
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    O.K. I couldn't find the military version so try these:
    Those are the 4" truck lights. There are smaller marker lights that would fit inside the stock housing. I have found that they work on as little 9v, and was told they handle up to 36/48 volts. I got one as a test unit from Freightliner for eight bucks. Take it for what its worth. Sorry again.
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    k8icu, they dont need buckets then? they will just flushmount?

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    Default wheel ?

    Still lookin, check these out:
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