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Thread: 24 Volt Replacement Ignition Coil

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    Have any of you had problems w/ ignition coils? I have had two coils fail in 9,000 miles. Are these coils just crap or could there be something going on w/ my truck that is making them fail prematurely? Anybody know a good source for coils - I called AB Linn and he only has tiwan coils which he dose not recommend.

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    Default 24 Volt Replacement Ignition Coil

    no usa coils are left...... i burned 3 in 2 months so i went diesel

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    You may want to check other components also, cap, plugs wires.

    If any of those are bad it will put more strain on the coil, May not remedy a cheaply made coil, but will help you get the most out of it.

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    Make sure you don't leave your on/off switch on. That will burn out coils also.
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    This last coil croaked while going down the expressway so it was not the on/off switch. Thank for suggestion though. I bought a replacement coil yesterday which I think may be NOS / USA (w/ external ballast resistor) from Saturn surplus - I'll know after it delivers. $48.00 plus shipping. Hopefully this one will last a while.

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