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Thread: forced induction?

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    since the stock compression ratio is only 7.5:1 on the m715, would it be possible to use either a turbocharger or supercharger on the stock engine to provide a mild amount of boost and get a little more horsepower out of the 6 cyclinder?

    just curious if it could be done without basically blowing up the engine (top or bottom end). i don't remember seeing the topic before in the current modified forum, so i thought i'd ask. :

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    You might ask Dick Datson about all that. Try this web site:


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    I have ruminated about this....seems a turbo from a 3.8Grand National...231 cubes....would be right about the size we would need...course the plumbing would be interesting with the carb up near the hood and something needed up top, plus a good distance from the exhaust to the carb....then there the funky intake on the be there would be to put a setup like the south american ones did....cut the "hallway" off the side of the head and put a bolt pattern there...then working from an intake that fits the cylinder spacing pretty well with nice port sizes and the ability to take a good size carb, make an adapter to bolt between the head and the intake.
    In South America, carbed, the ran around 200 horse...course they had better cams and higher compression....bump up the cam and add the turbo, should be at least to 200....might even get to 1:1 if engineered well....230 horse from a 230....wonder what the torque would be?
    It just seems like it would be expensive to do it right....
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    I found a book titled "The K-W Super/Turbocharger Book"by Ken Stiles
    The book mainly covers the Vigilante V-8, but has information on all Kaiser-Willys engines, even the 230 Tornado. Interesting reading,but like Brute said
    it would be expensive to do it right....
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    Keto you are right about the super charger / turbo charger , however for optmum preformance you would want your compression ratio to be is at 8.5;1 for the very best preformance ,as you increase from that point you start risking detonation. But the cost would be a draw back as the engineering to achieve your goal would be costly and the preformance goal may not be met. im not an engineer but i did read a book or two about this ...C
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