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Thread: Markings - White vs. subdued

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    I want some advice. I am getting ready to re-paint my markings on my M715, and I'm not sure whether to paint white or subdued markings. I am leaning towards subdued, but I'm not sure if they painted all of the stars, bridge markings, and tire pressures in flat black or not. I have been told that it's mostly a matter of preference, but I would like some input. Thanks

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    To be correct for the era back then, it would be the white.
    To look modern and cool, subdued.
    With my personal penchant for the B-2 Stealth Bomber, A-12, YF-12A, and SR-71, the subdued would be perfect....but thats just me!!
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    Deepends on how you want to portray your M715. If you want 1967 Veitnam, or CONUS then white with stars. If you want Germany 1967 then flat black...Don't know why it was different in Germany, but it was. I know a few guys who were over there before redeploying to nam and they too couldn't understand why europe was black and real war fighting was white...go figure.
    If you want like brut4c said modern then flat paint and flat black markings.
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