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Thread: what does it take to put a ford 390 in a 715

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    i have a built ford 390gt i wont to put in my 715 and was wondering what it needs

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    Lets see..

    Assuming you had fabrication skills it would be rather simple. Build some motor mounts, either adpat the 390 bellhousing to the T-98, swap in a 2 wheel drive Ford T-18 or a 435, or use an automatic fixed yoke C-6 from a high boy Ford 4x4 pickup. thats assuming you wanted to retain the Np200 Divorced transfer case now in the M-715.

    If you wanted a "married case" then you would need to use those components..from a truck so eqipped.

    basically a donner 4x4 of the transfer case style you wanted with an FE engine in it would provide most everything you would need with the exception of the motor mounts, those you would most likely have to fabricate to get correct engine placement.

    I would think it would make for a nice swap actually...and if we could toss a 428 in a Ford Ranger...a M-715 shouldn't be to hard at all.


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    If I remember right, Drew put in a 460 using 390 motor mounts and needed only to oval the mount holes in the stock 230's frame mounting the engine should be pretty easy....
    After that it depends what your gonna use...
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    thanks for the info.

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