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Thread: more questions on brakes

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    A few questions. I have read and searched and the answer is not clear.

    1. Where do you hook up the vaccum source for an AMC brake booster? Pics would be great.

    2. Has anyone run the corvette or other dual MC without power? It would be nice not to lose all of you brakes at once like I did once already.

    Thanks again. Pics of peoples brake setups would be great!

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    I have asked the question about vacuum source several times myself: no response yet. I get the same non-answer when I ask questions about brackets. I haven't got to my brakes yet but have a booster from an '80 Wagoneer and the Corvette master ready to install. Absent an answer to the vacuum question, I had planned to tee off the manifold vacuum source at the PCV union. Maint. manual says there is a fitting on the back side of the intake manifold that can be removed for testing manifold vacuum. If my stock manifold has one of these, I can't see it even with a mirror. Maybe some of these old Zoners would be willing to share more info. Good luck!

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    I used a 60ish chevy Impala m/c for front drums. With new oem shoes and new lines it works great with my 44's. remember... you need pressure. Those corvette m/c's were made for volume. the small bore masters produce more pressure which is what you need for stopping big stuff!

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    If I'm wrong let me know

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    I dont know anyone with power brakes on a 230 powered maybe thats why you get no answer on it...
    I would guess the pcv port or the port at the front drivers side of the head would be your choices...these are the only 2 factory ports aren't they? Course you could pick a spot and drill and tap too....would be able to get a position pointing where you want it, pretty close to the booster, away from linkages you wouldnt want to bind with...just an idea....
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    SCKaiser, do you have a manual or power brakes with that MC?

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