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Thread: Front spring eye bushings?

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    Default Front spring eye bushings?

    Has anyone replaced these? The bushings that fit in the back of the front suspension springs.

    I got a wild hair and decided to do mine and it was really tough to get the old one out. I had to use a drill, Hi-Lift, BFH, chisel, and finally my saw-zall. I got the old one out and went to put he new one in and the hole is about 1/8th of an inch too small. I guess the spring eye springs tight around the bushing. Anyone done this and if so, how did you get the new one in?


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    Velvet has exhaust, overdrive, AND suspension. :P
    Big Blocks RULE!

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    The ramp champ pressed the old ones out and the new ones in.....

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    Default more questions on brakes


    Are you talking about yourself in 3rd person, or is that a shop called "ramp champ"? I don't getcha.

    What if someone has no press....what then?

    As to Tom's taunts of Velvet- How is Velvet's bed? How is Velvet's front fenders? How is Velvet's rocker pannels?


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    Bed: Sturdy, yet well used.
    Front fenders: Factory High clearance.
    Rocker paNels: Armored with 1/8" aluminum diamond plate.

    Tous chet.
    Big Blocks RULE!

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    #10 or #16?

    I replaced #16 with a long bolt,washers,&nuts.....pulled the old ones out and the new ones in at the sametime.
    ----Sawzall----- ??? You must have been over-thinking again!
    1969 M715

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    What part number did you buy B-?
    i need some too
    67 M725 84 GW

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    Funny. I guess I was...only if I had been thinking more then I'd have come up with a method like you did. I was all "Get old one out. Go from there." which is underthinking.

    It was #16. I may try your bolt method as I just got off the phone with TOMMMMERRRRRINNNNNOOOOO!!! (who is still taunting me with the idea that he and Mrs. Lawlor may fly down and bunk over) and he suggested a vice. Since my vice is bolted to my spool and I don't want to unbolt it, the bolt is the 3rd best thing. It beats my hammer method by a long shot.

    I already did the front ones and I had no trouble there. I am doing this to try and eliminate my mysterious clunk that comes when I turn the steering wheel somethimes.

    Thanks guys!

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    B: the easiest way is to have em pressed in. that nagging klunk is probably your front end falling out. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Ill bring mine to pull you up and down hills and well let you make all the sounds like your truck is runnin on its own power.
    really man, Im glad to hear you got it runnin and want to see it make it to the fe if all goes well and I hope to have mine there too. AB LINN has the spring and all on ebay for sale, cheap.
    67 M725, 67 M715, 68 M715

  10. Default 1953 m35 studebaker

    Have you checked the mounting bolts on the shock(tower) support? My truck made some weird front-end sounds when I first got it, and the bolts were loose and had worn through the threads. I replaced them and no more noise. Just a Thought.
    1969 M715

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