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Thread: Pertronix upgrade

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    I also installed the ignitor in my M37 and it starts alot easier and runs smooth as silk throughout the rpm range.

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    Catalog says that MV-161 is a 24V (page 15 and footnotes 66 and 67). But if you try to buy it the above mentioned site says it is a 12V-System.
    I'm confused...

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    Default Pertronix upgrade

    Bought a Pertronix MV161 and began to upgrade:

    Ignitor without changes

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    Default amendments

    Edit was limited to 5 Minutes, I missed that limit...

    Pertronix, only few items

    next step, have a look inside the cap; not bad

    the old stuff, not bad too

    condenser pulled

    more stuff pulled

    Pertronix installed

    magnet sleeve: Please give a rough hint, have I have to turn it 180°?

    That's for the moment, I have to crimp a ring conncetor and then it should be done. Of course the rotor has to be installed again.

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    Default sorry for another amendment

    BTW, did new spark plugs too
    removing spark plug wire, not the correct tool, but it works (from adirondacks)

    New Spark plug seems to be slightly different than used one, got it from Erik's.
    I noticed a longer thread, Spark is autolite 2344, the old is 2245; I assume that might be work, what do you think?

    Sorry for extending it so much...

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    spin it over by hand first just to be sure, i put a pertronix in my m37 and it was well worth the $, easy starts and smooth acceleration throughout the entire power range (which aint much) but it was well worth it.

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    I'd be concerned the new plug is too long in the thread. Will the new plug get hit by a valve or piston?

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    I put in Autolite 2344's from Erik's Military Supply last summer, they work fine and are the correct plug. I also changed out the plug wires. They are also military from Erik's. Truck runs great, relatively smooth. Haven't got around to changing out the ignitor yet. Seems the Pertronix is the way to go tho. Seems rather simple to do.
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    N2S3, In the one photo, the plug wires seem awful close to the exhaust manifold. Could it be the ignitor cap is off and just hanging down? If not you really need to get those things away from the heat. Nice explanation and photos of the Pertronix install. Appreciate it, thanks.
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    2344 is the correct mil waterproof plug for the 230...I dont know what the other is for off hand.
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