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Thread: 14 Bolt Backing Plate Conversion

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    Default 14 Bolt Backing Plate Conversion

    When I swapped my NP200 out for a NP205, I lost the parking brake. I thought about putting all the NP200 drum parts onto the NP205 until I learned about the 14 Bolt backing plate conversion. The 14B has built in cable parking brakes. Others here have done it, so I started by tracking down the parts. There are different size brakes on the 14B so you need the 13" version.

    Lots of info here about the 14B axle and what vehicles they are found on:

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    To mount the 14B plate onto the stock D70 flange, the center hole needs to be made larger and the bolt holes moved slightly. Based on quick measurements, the hole needs to be about 2MM larger in diameter and the bolt holes need to be elongated about 1MM.

    Exact measurements to follow as I get into it further.

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    Great stuff here...already a sticky!
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    Might be helpful to others in tracking down the right backing plates.

    The ones I got are marked Bendix 324635 - L & R.

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    A few measurements. Your results may very.

    A: From outside edge of bolt holes (both have 1/2" bolt holes)

    Stock D70 - 5.29"
    14B - 5.17"

    B: Diameter of center hole

    Stock D70 - 3.89"
    14B - 3.80"

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    Thanks, Jester!
    -- Tim Taylor

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    Default They fit

    2 hours & a carbide die-grander bit in my electric drill later, the backing plates fit. It's not machine shop precision but they fit and are not too ugly.

    Basically ground out the center hole and elongated the bolt holes a bit. Did not take pics cause you really can't see much difference.

    Next is to put new wheel cylinders on and reassemble the shoes. Need to go thru the 4 different cables I have as well to decide which two will work best.

    Stay tuned.

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    14B plates with shoes are on the truck.

    Hubs and drums are next to go on. I need to work out the brake lines and the cables as well.

    The lines need to be adapted since the outlet on the cylinder is 3/16 vs 1/4 on the stock line. Also the new cylinders have the outlet in the center where the old ones were angled to the back. There is not much space between the back of the plate and the springs. Will need to see what will work. May need to bend up some new lines.

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